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Williamson tells all

The horror magazine "Wicked" will be officially released on newstands today. As mentioned earlier, it features Screa… Read more

Parker Posey

The Parker Posey interview from Entertainment Tonight has been posted at their website. Click here to read it. Also, click … Read more

Neve Campbell Engaged?

According to WBAL in Baltimore, Neve Campbell and John Cusack are engaged. The radio station reported the news at 6:58 Eastern… Read more

Parker Posey Interview (Entertainment Tonight)

"I get the feeling that we don't get to scream as much as we really want to." -- Parker Posey We talked with … Read more

Neve Campbell Interview (Entertainment Tonight)

"I'm just one of those people that if I sit down to watch a horror film, I put my hands over my face and I cry a lot an… Read more

David Arquette Interview (Entertainment Tonight)

"After you get married, the sex just goes out the window!" -- David Arquette DAVID ARQUETTE will ham up the big … Read more

Scream 3

Entertainment Tonight finally posted their interviews with some of the Scream 3 cast. They are pretty good reads, Read Neve'… Read more

Scream 3 Plot did a story on Scream 3 in their "Fall Movie Preview" (oops, look like they didn't hear about the mo… Read more

Courteney Cox Arquette Interview (Entertainment Tonight)

"The only secret I have is who the murderers are...." -- Courtney Cox Arquette on 'Scream 3' 'Scream&… Read more

McCarthy on Scream 3

Jenny McCarthy made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She talks about Scream 3 for 53 seconds. Click Here to do… Read more

Craven Talks

Last week Miramax announced that it will push back the release of ''Scream 3'' from December to February 2000, a… Read more


A new horror magazine titled Wicked will have a cover story on Scream 3. The magazine will be reporting from behind the scenes… Read more


Wall Of Sound interviewed Creed about the Scream 3 soundtrack. Here is what they said... You guys also put together the sound… Read more

Tea With Ted

E! Online's Tea With Ted had some Scream 3 related gossip. I submitted around 5 questions, and three of them made it into… Read more

Scream 3 Article

In the current issue of Teen People, there is a page on Scream 3. Thanks so much to Matthew who was able to get us a copy of… Read more

Scream 3 Poster

Here is a better pic of the current Scream 3 poster that can be found all over the place. At this time, it is only available a… Read more

Scream 3 in USA Today

Above is the newest Scream 3 image from USA Today, featuring Courteney Cox Arquette and Parker Posey. Thanks a lot to Ken, Mo… Read more

News Recap

Well, I'm back, here is some of the news that I missed while the site was down. "Production delays have bumped the… Read more

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