Spring Hill Estate Tours

Have you ever wanted to visit the iconic Scene 118? You know, 261 Turner Lane...Stu Macher's house! Well, now you can! The house, known as the Spring Hill Estate, offers tours. Nestled in the quiet rolling hills of Tomales, California, it's the perfect destination for any Scream fan. You can book a visit on the estate's Eventbrite page.

Welcome to the Spring Hill Estate. Tour the mansion where many movies were filmed, including the 1996 horror classic, SCREAM.

The Rules:
Rule #1: Shoe covers will be provided and must be worn inside the home. This is to preserve the original flooring.
Rule #2: Please no touching objects in the home. It is currently occupied and the owners will have their personal belongings there.
Rule #3: You must stay with the group for the duration of the tour.

At the end of the tour, you will walk through the notorious garage where surprises await you.

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