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Tools of the Trade: An Interview with Costume Designer Cynthia Bergstrom

I have always loved costumes. Costumes absolutely make the character. An actor can be the best in the world, but without the… Read more

Kevin Williamson Comments on Cursed, Scream 4-6

Kevin Williamson sat down with the fine folks over at the Shock Waves podcast where he spoke candidly about his time working on S… Read more

David Arquette is BACK in Scream 5!

It's official...David Arquette is returning in Scream 5  as Sheriff Dewey Riley.  David Arquette is set to reprise his role a… Read more

Neve Campbell on Scream 5: "Hopefully we'll be able to do it."

In a recent YouTuber interview (which has magically vanished), Neve Campbell spoke about Scream 5 ...again.  This time, however, … Read more

Rumor: Scream 5 Casts David Arquette & Courteney Cox?

News on the Scream 5 front has been a little slow (thanks, COVID-19!), but some interesting tidbits are starting to trickle in. … Read more

New Fan Film He Knows Your Name In The Works

A new Scream fan film is in the works. He Knows Your Name is being directed by Zachary L. Mull. With her parents away for the w… Read more

Scream 4 turns 9!

It's been 9 years since Scream 4 was released. Time flies, huh? To many, Scream 4  is the Scream 3  we should've got. Bu… Read more

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