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David Arquette is BACK in Scream 5!

It's official...David Arquette is returning in Scream 5  as Sheriff Dewey Riley.  David Arquette is set to reprise his role a… Read more

Neve Campbell on Scream 5: "Hopefully we'll be able to do it."

In a recent YouTuber interview (which has magically vanished), Neve Campbell spoke about Scream 5 ...again.  This time, however, … Read more

Rumor: Scream 5 Casts David Arquette & Courteney Cox?

News on the Scream 5 front has been a little slow (thanks, COVID-19!), but some interesting tidbits are starting to trickle in. … Read more

New Fan Film He Knows Your Name In The Works

A new Scream fan film is in the works. He Knows Your Name is being directed by Zachary L. Mull. With her parents away for the w… Read more

Scream 4 turns 9!

It's been 9 years since Scream 4 was released. Time flies, huh? To many, Scream 4  is the Scream 3  we should've got. Bu… Read more

Tools of the Trade: Buck 120

Every timeless slasher is defined by his or her weapon. Just ask Kirby Reed. Leatherface with his chainsaw, Michael Myers with hi… Read more

Fan's Lost Mask FOUND!

A few weeks ago we posted about a fan named John Gritton who had a severe case of seller's regret regarding a mask he once ow… Read more

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