Complete Guide to the Masks Used in Scream (1996)

I've decided to finally get around to doing something I've wanted to for the past couple of years. Going shot by shot and identifying the mask types and individual masks (when possible) used in Scream 1-4. After a couple weeks of going frame by frame and getting a ton of stills, I finally have what I need to do just that. No place better to start than at the beginning. Let's take a good, in-depth look at the masks used in Scream!

I do want to make a point though about one thing before getting started. It can be very hard to tell apart 1st and 2nd generation Fun World masks, especially when worn. The main difference is a .5 of an inch difference in length and the mask simply being worn could stretch it .5 of an inch. At the time of writing, there are questions I haven't yet been able to get definitive answers on... Were 2nd generation masks made to keep up with the anticipated new sales from the mask being used in Scream, or did 2nd generation masks exist before Scream? Are the masks in Scream all 1st generation? Or are the masks a mix of 1st and 2nd generation? At this exact point in time, I can't say for sure either way. So for the purposes of this shot-by-shot guide, the focus will be more on distinctly different masks and which shots they are used in and not if those masks are 1st or 2nd generation. Maybe this guide will help with that conversation.

SCREAM (1996)


While still in the process of getting proper legal permission to use the Fun World ghost mask that Producer, Marianne Maddalena, found while location scouting only weeks before the shoot, KNB Effects Group, who provided the Scream's many gruesome and memorable special effects, sculpted their own version of the mask. Sculpted by Special Makeup Effects Artist, Garrett Immel, the KNB Ghostface mask had squintier eyes and a smaller mouth that was thinner towards the bottom, giving it its own subtlety distinct look. The entire opening sequence, which were the first scenes filmed, used the KNB version of the mask. Then at the very end of the production, some of the last shots filmed were reshoot insert shots featuring Fun World masks which Fun World had sent more of. So in the final cut of the film the opening sequence features many shots of both the KNB mask and Fun World masks. 

When Ghostface spins around to meet Casey Becker it's this Fun World mask.

The reverse angle, Casey's reaction, features the KNB mask in the reflection.

When we cut back to the reverse angle again, it's the same Fun World mask again.

When Ghostface smashes through the glass it's back to the original footage featuring the KNB mask.

This iconic slow motion shot of Ghostface running up from behind and stabbing Casey also features the KNB mask.

KNB is featured in this wider shot of Ghostface about to kneel down.

We then cut to another one of the reshot inserts featuring another Fun World mask.

As Casey kicks Ghostface and he goes down to the ground we are back with the KNB mask footage.

When then cut back to yet another Fun World mask. It has a distinctively warped forehead on the mask's right side and a good few identifiable irregularities. This is now the 3rd Fun World mask seen on screen so far.

... and end the scene with Casey Becker's bloody hand reaching up to grab the warped-on-the-right-side of the forehead, Fun World mask.


The next appearance of Ghostface features some of the most iconic shots of the mask in the film. This sequence features the first actual Fun World mask used on camera during the shoot. It has a few distinct warped details that give it its own recognizable look, especially the indented under-eye bag under the mask's proper left eye and the lumpy forehead. This mask becomes 1 of 2 heavily featured main "hero" masks in the film and is the mask that the killer is mainly seen wearing up until Tatum's death in the garage scene (excluding the Principal Himbry sequence, which was filmed right after the original opening sequence shoot and features KNB masks.) Let's call this mask the #1 Hero "Sidney Attack Mask".

Ghostface rushes out from behind the door at Sidney and before we get our first look at the Hero #1 "Sidney Attack Mask, we get this one shot with the same mask Casey reached up at with a bloody hand.

We then get our first look at our #1 Hero “Sidney Attack Mask”, one of the gnarliest, most warped masks in the series. The bumpy forehead is warping that some of the earlier Fun World masks seem to have had.

The indented, crushed looking eye bag is a signature of this specific mask.

The #1 Hero "Sidney Attack Mask" in one of the most iconic and memorable shots of Ghostface in the entire series.
Dewey accidentally scares Sidney with the #1 Hero "Sidney Attack Mask". 
At the very end of the scene we have Sheriff Burke another mask. It's not the #1 Hero "Sidney Attack Mask". It's another mask, with its own details and features. This is the fourth Fun World mask seen in the film.

A better look at the mask Sheriff Burke examines from this continuity Polaroid.


The next scene featuring a mask is after Billy's interrogation when Dewey shows Sheriff Burke the Father Death costume package. Since this mask is shown unworn I personally would assume it's for sure a 1st generation Fun World mask. You can see that the mouth has been drawn over with a black marker. This was done to reduce glare from the production lighting. The mask seen on the costume package insert art is the #1 Hero "Sidney Attack Mask"

The mask in the package is a 1st generation Fun World mask with very little warping.
The #1 Hero "Sidney Attack Mask" is featured on the Father Death costume package insert art.


Next is the sequence of scenes at Woodsboro High School ending with the murder of Principal Himbry. The student who runs up to taunt Sidney (what a jerk), is actually wearing the #1 Hero "Sidney Attack Mask". All scenes with Principal Himbry, played by Henry Winkler, feature KNB masks. They were filmed early on, right after the filming of the opening sequence and the production hadn't transitioned to using only Fun World masks yet. Sidney getting cornered by Ghostface in the washroom features another 1st generation mask with some distinctive details. It's the same mask being held by the Reporter in front of the school bus. 

At this point in the production, they had made the deal with Fun World to use the mask but were waiting for Fun World to send more masks. They requested a box of 25. So these first scenes shot with Ghostface, the opening sequence, and the school scenes, they only had the KNB masks and one Fun World mask (the Hero #1 "Sidney Attack Mask). JP Jones, the film's Property Manager remembers that the box of masks arrived from Fun World the day they were filming Himbry cutting up the KNB masks. I would guess that the first scene shot with one of the masks that Fun World sent would be the washroom scene because in that scene it's a Fun World mask, but Ghostface's robe still has the style of hood that is mainly seen only with the KNB mask. It's a smaller hood with no foam in it. They realized the original hood was showing the head shape of whoever was wearing it and making it bigger and adding the foam inside fixed this. Let's take a look at these masks...

First is the student taunting Sidney. This is the Hero #1 "Sidney Attack Mask" with the distinctive warped eye bag.
We then cut to Principal Himbry with the students. This scene is all KNB masks.
A nice closeup of a KNB mask.
Principal Himbry cuts up a KNB mask.
Another previously unseen Fun World mask appears in this scene.
You can see that the hood here is the smaller hood usually only seen with a KNB mask.

The Reporter outside the school is holding the same mask from the washroom scene.
We then cut back to Himbry trying on a KNB mask.
KNB mask with the original style of hood.
A nice kind of 3/4 profile shot of a KNB mask.
A great closeup of a KNB mask.
For the reflection of Ghostface in Principal Himbry's eye, a shot from the opening sequence was composited into the shot.


The next two times we see a mask are from when Sidney and Tatum are hanging out and go get snacks. These are the last two shots featuring KNB masks in the film. The next time we see Ghostface is Tatum's death scene in the garage in which we get a new hero mask...

Ghostface wearing a KNB lurks in the trees.
A KNB Ghostface lurks in the frozen section of a Woodsboro grocery store...


In this iconic, often quoted scene we are introduced the film's second hero mask, the #2 Hero "Garage Mask". This is the main mask used for the rest of the film, with a couple other in a few shots. There's another mask with a warped forehead on one side, the mask's proper right side, that I believe is likely the same Fun World mask from the opening sequence that Casey Becker reaches up and grabs with her final bloody gesture. There are a few shots from the scene where Ghostface sneaks up on Randy that seem to be insert shots filmed later with that warped right side of forehead mask instead of the #2 Hero "Garage Mask". 

An interesting note is that JP Jones actually gave the Hero #2 mask as a gift to Kevin Williamson when he requested a screen used mask. Williamson remembers him taking the mask off Ghostface after filming Tatum's death. This makes sense because it seems the shots featuring Ghostface filmed after that point are just a few insert shots; some from Ghostface sneaking up on Randy, Ghostface sticking his head out from inside the news van, and the insert shots of Ghostface wearing the Fun World masks that were used in the opening sequence. We will take a good look at all these masks in the upcoming scenes, but let's check out our #2 Hero "Garage Mask", the main mask for the rest of the film...

Our first look at the #2 Hero "Garage Mask", the main mask for the rest of the film.
Tatum comes face to face with Ghostface.

Ghostface about to get soaked with beer.
We now get our first look at the #2 Hero "Garage Mask" with a piece of black matte material covering the mouth. This was added to reduce the glare from the production lights reflecting and gleaming on the glossy surface of the mask's mouth.
This is one of the best, clear shots of a mask in the film. It shows in closeup the black matte material covering the mask's glossy painted mouth.
Thanks to the electrical sparking effect, we get a brightly lit lower angle of the mask as well.
Ghostface leaves the mangled corpse of Tatum ensnared in the unnecessarily powerful garage door opening mechanism.


Our next Ghostface appearance is him "sneaking" up on Billy. Again we have Ghostface wearing the #2 Hero "Garage Mask".

Billy is "stabbed"...
A nice close up of the #2 Hero.
Another iconic shot; the wiping of the blood from the blade.


We now go straight into an excellently executed chase sequence between Ghostface and Sidney and Ghostface sneaking up on Randy watching Halloween. These scenes mainly feature the #2 Hero "Garage Mask" and also a few shots what I believe to be the warped right side of the forehead mask first seen in the opening sequence reshot insert shots.
Another great shot of the #2 Hero "Garage Mask".

Good angle that shows some of the #2 Hero masks distinctive details.
Hero #2 "Garage Mask"
Ghostface watches Sidney fall and gives us a nice profile shot.
When Ghostface first enters the living room in this wide shot, the mask isn't the #2 Hero "Garage Mask".... It seems to be the warped right side of the forehead mask from the Fun World mask insert shots filmed at the end of the production and inserted into the opening sequence.

We then cut to this closeup featuring the #2 Hero "Garage Mask" again. This leads me to believe this shot was filmed first and the previous shot of Ghostface entering the living room was maybe a pickup or reshoot.


Kenny getting his throat slashed and Ghostface once again going after Sidney are the next couple scenes with Ghostface and once again the #2 Hero "Garage Mask" is used.

Right after Kenny goes to the ground we get a nice clear shot of the #2 Hero "Garage Mask".
Another shot of the #2 Hero "Garage Mask".
Ghostface crawls through the news van wearing the #2 Hero.
We then next see Ghostface in this great shot of him outside Stu's house again wearing the #2 Hero "Garage Mask".

This is the best frame from the short scene with Sidney in the car. It's also the last scene in the film to feature the #2 Hero mask.

We are now at the final scenes with "Ghostface" (this time it's Sidney who wears the costume) and we are introduced to the last and final mask. Let's call this "Sidney's Revenge Mask". The mask Sidney wears has a couple distinctive traits, mainly the severely curved stitch line on the sides of the mouth and the very squinty left eye of the mask. Let's take a look at the last few shots featuring a mask in Scream...

The first look at "Sidney's Revenge Mask" comes when Sidney jumps out of the closet and stabs Billy with the umbrella.
We then get this great closeup of "Sidney's Revenge Mask" before she removes the costume.
Sidney examines the mask.
We are now looking at the last shot featuring a mask in the film! What a way to go...

Well, we did it! We took a good, close look at basically every shot with a mask in in in Scream. I'm excited to do the same for Scream 2-4. Please comment and let me know if you enjoyed this and if you have any questions or feedback.

Ryan Hills is a Contributor and Writer for Scream-Thrillogy as well as Administrator for the largest online Scream collecting group, Scream & Ghostface Collectors on Facebook. On Instagram: ryanhills86
Ryan Hills

Ryan Hills is a contributor and writer for Scream-Thrillogy as well as administrator for the largest online Scream collecting group, Scream & Ghostface Collectors on Facebook.instagram

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