Welcome to Scream-Thrillogy, the oldest active Scream website on the internet, still kicking. This site has served as an unofficial home for the Scream franchise, covering the movies and TV series, respectively. This movie-based fansite is owned and run by Nick Meece, a lifelong Scream fan and internet junkie. What started as a small GeoCities fan page in 2000 has blossomed into what you see today. This site would not exist if it weren't for the legendary Scream webmasters of the past, such as Megan Anderson (Scr3am.net, late '90s/early '00s), MorbidMuch (Scream-Trilogy.com, late '90s, early '00s), wicked-scribe (Scre4m.com, Scream-Trilogy.net, mid/late '00s), and Rodrigo Kurtz (HelloSidney.com, late '00s-present).

Scream-Thrillogy wouldn't be what it is without the help and contributions of Nate Ragon, Ryan Hills, John C. Gritton, and Joey Noberini II. Their help is simply invaluable.

Please enjoy this piece of Scream message board history: a video made by former member Father_Death_UK/FDuk for the Scream-Trilogy.com forum back in 2003 (posted on PhorumZ)...