Scream 6 In Depth Review

Douglas Little (Drowned Boy Productions on YouTube) gives us his in-depth review of Scream VI . Caution: video does contain spoilers.

30,000+ Members in the Facebook Group

Our Facebook group recently hit 30,000 members! I can’t thank you, the readers of this site and members of the group, enough for this milestone! You’ve all helped build the group into the community it has become. I love seeing al…

Scary Movie (2000) COMMENTARY TRACK

James over at Dead Meat has released his commentary track for Scary Movie ! If you're a patron then you can listen to the full track right now here . Otherwise, you can check out a half-hour sample on YouTube.

Scream VI Spotify Playlist Available

The official Spotify playlist for the Scream VI  soundtrack has been created by Mike Shinoda, who has a few songs on the album.

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