David Arquette Interview (Entertainment Tonight)

"After you get married, the sex just goes out the window!"
-- David Arquette

DAVID ARQUETTE will ham up the big screen again reprising his role of the loveable Deputy Dewey Riley for 'Scream 3.' Read on as he talks about his wife COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE and making 'Scream 3.'

Bob Goen: So you're going to shave your mustache off now?

David Arquette: Yes, it's history.

Bob: You know what you should do? Shave half of it and then go home and show COURTENEY [COX ARQUETTE] -- act like nothing is wrong. How would she react to that?

David: I'm not exactly sure. We should try that out, Bob!

Bob: So you've wrapped today. Was it an exhausting shoot?

David: It was strenuous, but fun. It's great to work with WES [CRAVEN]. It's always such a treat -- he's such a great director. The cast -- NEVE [CAMPBELL] is the glue to this movie. She really holds it all together, and keeps it all alive. She grounds the movie. It's always a treat to work with Courteney. It's a dream. In a business where it is so hard to find time for each other, to be able to work with each other and interact is such a treat.

Bob: Then you go home and run lines and work out characters...

David: Yeah, sometimes. We're pretty good about leaving work at work.

Bob: What's your relationship with Courteney in the film?

David: It's sort of similar to the past ones -- there's that tension. We are not really sure we're supposed to be together.

Bob: So there is some sexual tension there -- now we are getting somewhere!

David: That's right!

Bob: That would be easy, I would assume!

David: That's right. It is good! After you get married, the sex just goes out the window! (laughs) I'm kidding.

Bob: Oh, man, is she going to nail you for this! Speaking of which, are you planning a family?

David: We'd love to, but it will take awhile. We are both really career oriented.

Bob: It sounds like things are going great for you guys -- there's a lot of lovey-dovey stuff going on out there. You just can't keep your hands off that woman!

David: That's right, especially on the set. We are so comfortable together. It's a lighthearted place, and we fell in love on the set.

Bob: So can you possibly explain this movie? There's this big shroud of secrecy around it.

David: There is. We're not allowed to say too much. We can let you in on certain elements. It takes place in Los Angeles, in Hollywood. It's very much a tongue in cheek attitude toward Hollywood. It being a movie inside a movie, there are people playing us, and so on and so forth.

Bob: See, you can't do it! (laughs)

David: Okay -- 'Stab' is a film about what had happened in the 'Scream' movies. The 'Scream' movies are the realities of these characters based around Neve's character, Sydney Prescott. Courteney's character writes these books, one became the 'Stab 1' movie, then 'Stab 2' was 'Scream 2.' It's a play on a movie inside of a movie.

Bob: It gets harder doesn't it? (laughs) What I do know is that Courteney plays an entertainment reporter, not unlike what I'm doing.

David: That's really true -- maybe you're the man in the mask!

Bob: Is it really difficult to go home with a woman who could be an entertainment reporter?

David: No, absolutely not. It's so funny -- when she gets into that mode she gets real frisky! Much like yourself, Bob! (laughs)

Bob: (laughs) Thank you! When people describe me, frisky is usually the first word that comes!
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