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"I'm just one of those people that if I sit down to watch a horror film, I put my hands over my face and I cry a lot and I don't see half of the film because I'm too upset."
-- Neve Campbell

We chatted with the "Reigning Scream Queen" NEVE CAMPBELL about her new horror flick 'Scream 3.' Read on for behind-the-scenes secrets!

Entertainment Tonight: Is 'Scream 3' as scary and kooky as the previous films?

Neve Campbell: They are definitely tough acts to follow, but I think the writer [EHREN KRUGER] and WES [CRAVEN] have done a very good job of pulling it together again. It's always hard with a sequel, but I think they did a great job.

ET: Sequels are never as good as the originals, except for in this case and maybe one or two others. So what's the 'Scream' formula? What is it about this mixture of horror and humor that works so well?

Neve: Well, I think the reason that the first 'Scream' was so popular was because the audiences were ready for it and they wanted to see this kind of film. They hadn't seen a good horror film in a long time. I think it's also that the films sort of take themselves really seriously, so they are able to bring the humor and the wit into it.

ET: Is it fun to bring back a character? What's it like for you to do the same character three movies in a row?

Neve: It's definitely fun to bring a character back, because, like everyone, we grow. It's making those choices on how your character would have grown in a year. It's kind of neat in that way.

ET: I guess it's like "Party of Five." You've done that for six years. You do24 shows a year...

Neve: Twenty-six shows a year!

ET: Do you still bring energy into that?

Neve: Absolutely, but it's a different kind of challenge. When you haven't played a character before, you have to create the character. You have to decide what their personality is and decide how they move, how they think, and how they feel. When you've done it many times before with a character, it's a matter of keeping it fresh and finding new things for them.

ET: There's a lot of secrecy associated with this new movie. Why all of the secrets?

Neve: I think because the movies have been pretty popular and there seems to be this cult following. People get on the Internet and try to figure out who the killer is or killers are. They try to figure out what's going to happen in the next one and have a jump on it. I think it's more fun if people don't know, so we have to be secret.

ET: Just give us a morsel...

Neve: Within this film, the characters are making the film 'Stab 3.' It's kind of interesting in that way, because it's kind of the making of a horror film within a horror film. From my character, all I can tell you is that she's isolated herself because of all of the circumstances and all that she's been through. She's decided to sort of live on her own and go into hiding.

ET: You're up in Northern California hiding?

Neve: Yes.

ET: Then you come down to Hollywood to visit the set of 'Stab 3?'

Neve: Yes.

ET: Why?

Neve: I don't know if I can tell you that much! Because of the circumstances, she's forced back into the game and into having to figure what's going on and sort of helping the situation out. So she's forced to come back to L.A.

ET: Forced, meaning against her will?

Neve: Kind of against her will. I think anybody who's been through as much as Sidney probably doesn't want to walk into the fire again, but she has to.

ET: Watching the scene you're shooting right out here with DAVID [ARQUETTE] and the police car -- it seems as though you're sort of scared about something!

Neve: Yeah! Sidney's just seen the set for the first time. She's seen sets of the trauma that she's been through before. She sees her old house from Woodsboro and Stu's house. So that, in of itself, is traumatizing, and she also has an incident with a killer. That's all I can give you!

ET: Was this incident just before the scene you're shooting?

Neve: Yes.

ET: So you have to conjure up some...

Neve: Some angst. Just a little angst. And fear and anger and all of that stuff.

ET: You get to act?

Neve: Yeah!

ET: That's cool. Is it hard to do such emotional acting early in the morning right when you get on the set?

Neve: It's a challenge, but it's just sort of bringing up those emotions and thinking of the circumstances and what my character has been through and what she's dealing with in the moment. I just sort of conjure it up.

ET: What's this set behind you here?

Neve: This is the set of Stu's house for the making of 'Stab 3.' Stu is the character that MATTHEW LILLARD played in 'Scream 1.' His house is where the final scene took place in the first 'Scream.' This brings back bad memories for Sidney.

ET: Tell us what 'Stab 3' is about.

Neve: 'Stab 3' is about the events which took place in 'Scream 1' and 'Scream 2.'

ET: So 'Stab 3' is about what happened in those films?

Neve: Yeah.

ET: Is this the actual 'Scream' set?

Neve: This is a remodeling on the set of 'Stab 3' of the houses that were in Woodsboro in the first film. When my character comes out to visit, she's visiting a replica of her house and Stu's house in Woodsboro.

ET: Now, EMILY [MORTIMER] plays Sidney in 'Stab 3.' Have you guys gone off to the side and discussed exactly how to play Sidney?

Neve: No, not really. You don't see her exactly playing Sidney. You see her as the actress that would be playing Sidney. She doesn't have to be exactly like me. She can have traits similar to me, but she doesn't have to be Sidney.

ET: So it's not eerie for you to see her playing you?

Neve: No.

ET: Is it true you don't like scary movies?

Neve: Yes. I don't deal with fear very well, or I choose not to bring it on myself if not necessary. I'm just one of those people that if I sit down to watch a horror film, I put my hands over my face and I cry a lot and I don't see half of the film, because I'm too upset.

ET: People are calling you the "Reigning Scream Queen." Is that a title that you're okay with?

Neve: If I didn't feel like I was doing other films and trying to do other things and accomplishing that in some ways, then it would bother me. I don't think people take it that seriously. I think people understand that I'm also doing other things -- I'm doing comedies and I'm doing dramas. Yes, I'm doing horror films, but I'm putting my fingers out everywhere. And I'm producing.

ET: Do they put you through any stunts?

Neve: I've done some. Mainly the fight scenes. Wes is very careful about that. He doesn't want any of his actors getting hurt. He's very cautious, as I think most directors would be. But I've had some fun, hanging out doors where they're twenty feet above the ground. I enjoy it!

ET: Did you see 'Blair Witch?'

Neve: Yes, I did. I thought it was interesting. It's sort of a new way to film stuff. I thought that was good, and it's always nice to see people trying new things. I watched it by myself at night!

ET: There's a victim in the opening of this movie. Can you tell us who dies?

Neve: I can't tell you. I'm not supposed to tell you anything, man! It's hard to do an interview for 'Scream,' because we're not allowed to say anything!
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