Scream 3 Article

In the current issue of Teen People, there is a page on Scream 3. Thanks so much to Matthew who was able to get us a copy of the article.

The survivors of the first two films are back. We've got some scoop on December's final nail-biting battle:


Neve Campbell: A drama major in Scream 2, Sidney now graduates and moves to Hollywood. Will the tormented heroine land a job acting in Stab 3?

Courteney Cox: Does the tabloid television reporter with a knack for getting mixed up within her own big stories make it to her next deadline?

David Arquette: He's already gone under the knife... Twice. Will Deputy Dewey, newly relocated to the city of Angels, need to call (collect) for help?

The Masked Killer: In Scream, Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard were the killers, In the sequel, Timothy Olyphant and Laurie Metcalf were the slay mates. Who's next?


Scott Foley: Felicity's RA finally has a chance to put those first-aid courses to good use. As a director, he just might give new meaning to the word "Cut!"

Parker Posey: After last year's You've Got Mail, the star of indies like Party Girl and The House Of Yes is all set to make another big slash, er, splash in mainstream movies.

Deon Richmond: Having tangled with twins Tia and Tamera Mowry on TV, the Sister, Sister costar could now face double trouble on the big screen.


The cast of Stab 3-sequel to Stab 2. The film within a film based on the Scream 2 slayings that occurred at Sidney's college- might find themselves not merely playing dead Tinseltown. (The script which was started by Scream and Scream 2's Kevin Williamson, was completed by Ehren Kruger, screenwriter for Arlington Road and Reindeer Games, which stars Ben Affleck.)
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