Complete Guide to the Mask Types Used in Scream 2 (1997)

Before we get into a shot by shot analysis of the masks used in the production of, and seen on screen, in Scream 2 (1997), I thought I'd try to piece together the basic story of the factory-made, yet still, distinctive masks used in the film. For a long time, Scream fans and collectors have assumed what was used for the filming of Scream 2 (1997) was exactly the same type Fun World's Fearsome Faces 2nd generation, deep mold Ghostface masks with machine cut eyes and polyester shrouds being distributed and sold at the time (as well as a few "RDS" (Randy's Death Scene) MK stamped masks, but I'll get into those in a minute). Fun World had greatly increased the manufacture of their now famous and iconic mask after the phenomenal success of Scream and renamed their Fantastic Faces line to the more sinister-sounding, Fearsome Faces. You can see in Scream 2 that the majority of masks on screen are 2nd generation masks, clearly made from deeper molds than the masks in the first film, giving them a more 3d look with more sides of the face and less flat looking than the more shallow production molds used for the 1st generation sculpt. The main masks used in the film are the 2nd generation sculpt, pulled from deeper molds but with cotton shrouds instead of the then-standard polyester shroud. So why were they a bit different than the mass-produced retail masks? The information, as laid out here, comes from many sources, including extensive collectors of screen used and retail Ghostface masks and other Fun World Masks, former employees of Fun World, and even crew of Scream 2 themselves. 

Having said that, I don't want to give the impression that everything laid out here is a fact. Some are my own speculation. Things I assume from the sometimes vague memories and details of those involved. Many times the people who were there at Fun World, part of the production, or even on set don't always remember, in precise detail the exact types of facts and information that specifically collectors, decades later, would want to know and obsess over. A professional, creative mindset and is a very different perspective than that of a collector's.  Even so, I do think it's reasonably fair to say that the creation of the Scream 2 production masks went something like this...

When production began on Scream 2, Fun World requested from their Chinese manufacturing partners a special production run that would provide masks for the film. What Fun World wanted was high quality, sample level masks to provide the production with the nicest looking masks possible. There was a bit of a language barrier between Fun World’s New York Office and the Chinese factory. Though not specified by Fun World, the Chinese partners for some reason thought they also wanted to go back to cotton shrouds for this special run. Maybe they viewed the cotton shrouds as being of higher quality than the polyester shrouds, maybe it was just a miscommunication. Fun World sent the number of masks requested by the Dimension Films production team and the remaining masks leftover from this special run were shipped to retail. I think it's also important to note that the majority of the masks made for and used in Scream 2 were 2nd generation sculpt but there are a few "RDS" (Randy's Death Scene) sculpt MK stamped masks on screen. I think the simplest reason for this could be that those were Ghostface sculpts being produced at the time, so maybe to give the productions some options they sent some samples of the "RDS" MK stamped masks along with the main 2nd generation FUN WORLD DIV sculpt masks. What’s great is that there are identifiable 2nd generation masks out there that were not used in the film and instead sold in retail that are from the very same special run as the screen used masks. 

A few years ago, a screen used mask was sold at auction. It was included with the "Stab-O-Vision" Ghostface prop that is flown across the theatre in the opening sequence of Scream 2. The mask is of course is from a deep production mold and has the cotton shroud, but what’s also notable about this mask and other Scream 2 production masks is that it has some slight brown discoloration on certain spots. In an effort to make the mask firm yet still floppy, the  PVC mix was adjusted slightly and it’s believed this is what caused some discoloration of the Scream 2 production masks over time. Even in the film, you can see slightly yellow spots on some of the masks, most notably the mask worn by the killer in the theatre scenes. These slightly yellow spots have turned brown over the years, some masks having more discolored areas than others. Some have small brown spots and slight yellowing and some have completely yellowed with large brown areas. i think the way they are stored could potentially slow or speed up the strange process of the discolouring from the slightly experimental mixing of the soft pvc.

For the collectors out there reading this, do you have what you thought was a 2nd generation Fantastic Faces mask because of the cotton shroud, but always wondered why it had the deep mold look with the mold scarring visible? You may have one of the masks from that specific production run. You can recognize these masks quite easily if you know what to look for. Scream 2  production masks are FUN WORLD DIV stamped deep mold masks (as deep as the Fearsome Faces 2nd generation poly shroud masks) with a cotton shroud, machine cut eyes and may have some yellow or brown discoloration. You may have a very special mask in your collection and not even know it.

With the masks easier to source than they previously were during the production of Scream, they had many more masks to choose from and use for Scream 2. Even so, after taking a close look, it seems that once again it's very likely that a few of the masks became "hero" mask props and were used in multiple scenes and shots. The masks in Scream 2 are definitely harder to match, compare, and tell apart than the masks used in Scream. The masks used in Scream all had distinct warping and flaws that are a lot easier to see. I want to give a big shoutout and thanks to my good friend and fellow Ghostface mask collector, John Louis Rothschild-Evilsizor for helping me analyze the over 500 stills and compare the masks from shot to shot to try to figure out which hero masks were used in which scene.

SCREAM 2 (1997)


There are a lot of masks seen throughout this sequence (about 50m maybe even 60), and the very first mask we see is one of the handfuls of "RDS" (Randy's Death Scene) MK stamped masks featured in the opening sequence. This particular sculpt is the 1st of 4 sculpts that would come to have the MK stamp beside EASTER UNLIMITED on the back of the mask's chin. The 2 letter stamps represent a factory where they were made. The various factories that made masks for Fun World had their own sculpts of Fun World masks. There are other ghost masks from the Fearsome Faces line that also have MK-stamped counterparts and when you compare them you can see they are different sculpts. The sculptors tried their best to resculpt existing masks, but each sculptor brought their subtle own style to the designs, giving them all small, distinct differences.

Our first mask on screen is this "RDS" hanging between the two Stab posters.

We then see two more masks. The 2nd generation in Maureen's Stab costume package and one behind the characters, hanging on a sculpture in the hotel lobby, also a 2nd generation.

We then go into the auditorium of the Rialto Theater where we will see the most Ghostface masks seen on screen in any of the films. They are mostly 2nd generation masks with cotton shrouds and a few "RDS" MK stamped masks in the mix.

A Rialto patron pulls on a 2nd generation mask. 

Another patron puts their mask on as Maureen and Phil enter the auditorium.

Our first wide angle of the audience from the front. Mainly 2nd gen. I can see two "RDS" MK stamp on the upper left of the screen and possibly one on the bottom left..

Maureen and Phil walk through the auditorium to their seats carrying a Stab costume package, both with 2nd generation masks visible inside.

Though hard to see, the Stab-O-Vision Ghostface that flies overhead wears a 2nd generation mask.

Two patrons excited to see their plastic knives glowing, both wearing 2nd generation masks. An "RDS" looks on behind them on the upper right.

Another patron watches his knife glow in the Stab-O-Vision light. This mask seems to have some spotting. Even in this medium shot, the mold scars on the side of the face are clearly visible.

A little closer look at Maureen's packaged mask in this shot.

As Stab starts we soon get our first look at Ghostface in the meta-movie within a movie. Now, as of the time of writing the first version of this guide to Scream 2 masks, I believe this is the #2 Hero mask of the film. I'd like to call it the "Hero #2 Stab Mask". I believe it's also featured in other scenes and shots, though not as much as the yet unseen "Hero #1 Main Killer Mask". I will try my best to match the hero masks to their respective scenes and shots, but please, if you notice I'm wrong somewhere or think it may be different than what I think, please message me and we'll take a look. I don't consider these guides to be final in any way and I completely welcome input and feedback from the great Scream fan community and will be updating them as time goes by.

In this shot from Stab, we get our first look at the #2 Hero Stab Mask.

We then get this great shot of the two knife-happy patrons reacting to the film. It's notable that their masks have visible stains and marks.

This is a great still when the lightning from Stab on the screen lights up the auditorium. I count 47 masks in this shot. Again, mainly 2nd generation with a few RDS.

Back to Stab, we see Ghostface up on the skylight, I assume wearing the #2 Hero Stab Mask.

A medium shot of the audience gives a good look at a few masks. I spot two "RDS" masks.

Though hard to see in the final film, the Stab promotional standee features an image of Ghostface wearing another "RDS" mask.

Here's a better look at the 2nd generation mask hanging on the sculpture in the lobby of the Rialto Theater.

Maureen is startled by Phil, who sneaks up on her wearing his 2nd generation mask. If we didn't already know the masks in Scream 2 had cotton shrouds I think this shot would be good proof because you can see the mask's tassels (the hanging parts of the shroud) are curled up. this doesn't happen with the polyester shrouds.

Another audience reaction shot gives us a good look at a few of the masks.

As Maureen comes back to her seat with popcorn, we get a bit of a closer look at this "RDS".

Here he is in focus.

Phil walks into the washroom and these two patrons turn around to look at him. Under the masks are Scream's Property Masters J.P. Jones and Skip Crank.

We are now about to get our first look at what I'm calling the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask for purposes of this guide. The following few shots within this opening sequence show it many times in closeup, so now id a good time to get a good look at it to compare and match to later scenes and shots.

Our first look at the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask.

In this still, you can see yellow discoloring on the eye bag as well as some other marks.

Note the distinctive shape of the mask's proper left eye.

A nice clear closeup of the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask shows more details. You can see the typical later 2nd generation mold scarring on the side of the mouth caused by the creation of deeper production molds than used for 1st generation production molds.

This shot has become one of the most iconic of the series and it's no surprise why. I think the deeper production molds really give Ghostface a great look in Scream 2.

Another great closeup as Ghostface scopes out his exit after killing Phil.

Ghostface sits next to Maureen and we get a nice profile close up. Note the yellow marks on the side of the face and bottom of the chin.

Ghostface pretends to be Phil.

Back to Stab. You can see here how easily the #2 Hero Stab Mask bends on her shoulder. The Scream 2 2nd generation production masks were thick, yet floppy. It's believed that slightly adjusting the soft PVC mix the mask is made out of to get this effect, ultimately left many of the masks with the spots you see on screen.

This profile closeup of Ghostface shows the mold scars of the #1 Hero Main Killer mask really well.

Another angle on the #2 Hero Stab Mask.

Closeup of the other side of the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask.

Back to Stab...

The killer faces Maureen after stabbing her. Note the small tiny hole at the top of the mouth. Remember it for later...

Another look at the "RDS" close to Maureen that we saw earlier.

Someone notices Maureen's blood as the rest of the audience cheers for Casey's murder on screen.

I count 25 masks in this shot.

An "RDS" patron holds his plastic knife above his head.

The killer follows Maureen through the crowded auditorium.

Another mask that seems to have some dark marks on it worn by a cheering patron.

The mask on the bottom left is in focus and is another example of a mask with dark spots on it.

The killer stabs Maureen again and gives a good look at his spotted, almost dirty look chin.

Lightning flashes again on screen in Stab and gives us a brighter look at the killer's mask.

In this shot, you can once again see that tiny hole at the top of the mouth, which at the time of writing this I think helps to prove this is in fact the same mask like the one seen in the washroom scene. Our #1 Hero Main Killer mask.

Another audience shot, this time with the glare of the ultraviolet Stab-O-Vision light.

Another wide shot of the audience as they start to be confused by Maureen dragging herself on stage.

We see a nice closeup of the #2 Hero Stab Mask on the screen behind Maureen.

Back to the audience...

... And back to the closeup on screen.

Our 2nd to last shot of the opening sequence gives us a look at this wide-eyed, slightly goofy-looking RDS. I think the reason he looks so derpy is that the extra wearing the mask seems to have glasses underneath, giving the usually squinty-eyed RDS a surprised look.

The audience finally realizes what's going on as Maureen collapses in front of the screen.


The next time we see Ghostface is after his call to Cici at the sorority house when he runs out from behind her. After taking a closer look, I believe the mask featured throughout the scene is the #2 Hero Stab Mask. It has a certain look Ghostface masks can get from being shipped flat. What happens is the mask will flatten to one side or the other, giving it a little extra character when worn. The #1 Main Killer Mask is very symmetrical and doesn't have that flattened mouth look. 

Ghostface startles Cici.

Note the flattened to one side look of the #2 Hero Stab Mask.

If you compare this to a still from the shot from Stab where Ghostface is running up behind Casey I think you'll notice many matching details like I did.

We end the scene with this great closeup that really shows some of the distinct details well, especially the flattened to one side mouth.


Once again, the next time we see Ghostface he's cutting right to the chase, this time going after Sidney. I believe for this scene that we are back to the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask. It has the right eye shapes, the symmetrical look, the slightly off-center nose paint, and some other small details that match the Stab theater sequence. 

Notice how much more symmetrical this mask is compared to the #2 Hero Stab Mask seen in the previous Ghostface attack scene. 

This still shows the off-centered nose paint of the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask really well compared to the more centered nose paint of the #2 Hero Stab Mask.

We end the brief attack with this great shot that I think shows a few of the details of the #1 Hero Main Killer really well.


Ghostface disguised as one of the actors in the Windsor College targets Sidney during the school's performance of Agamemnon. The way the scene was filmed and edited really makes it hard to tell if Sidney is imagining seeing Ghostface or if he's really actually there, so there's not even one single frame where you can get a good, in focus look at the mask used. At the time of writing, I don't think I could really say either way if it's for sure the #2 Hero Stab Mask, but I will say it looks more like the #2 hero mask than the #1.

Lightning flashes and illuminates our first look at Ghostface in the scene.

Ghostface lurks amongst the costumed actors.

The best look we get at the mask used in the scene doesn't show the details well enough for me to confidently say if the mask is one of the hero masks for sure or another mask.

The shots of Ghostface in the scene all have a lot of motion blur, which adds to the ambiguity of the reality of the scene, but not much to be able to identify the mask.

A motion blurred closeup.

This is the most in focus and a clear shot of Ghostface in the scene. I think it's safe to say the mask is for sure not the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask. I think it's likely that it could be the #2 Hero Stab Mask.


This next quick scene is where the "RDS" MK stamped Ghostface mask gets its nickname from. The scene was originally filmed with what appears to be the #2 Hero Stab Mask, and then some shots were reshot using an "RDS" MK stamped mask. The majority of the shots feature the "RDS" with the #2 Hero Stab Mask featured in the very end, after the stabbing of Randy.

Even from this quick first glimpse of the mask, the distinct shape of the "RDS" eyes are visible.

Even though this still is blurred it's clearly the "RDS".

Another shot of the "RDS" mask as Randy struggles with Ghostface in the reflection of the van's rearview mirror.

We then get a nice clear view of the "RDS" once again in the reflection of the van's rearview mirror.

We then end the scene with a shot from the original filming of the scene. The mask in this shot I believe is the #2 Hero Stab Mask. R.I.P. Randy.


Ghostface appears next on campus to attack Gale and Dewey. We get a good few nice closeups of the mask used in the scene and I believe it's the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask that was used. Production stills from this scene were used on many licensed products over the years.

Ghostface surprises Gale. Note the mask's symmetrical look.

For one frame we get a nice in-focus closer look at the mask.

Another angle.

Ghostface pursues Gale.

Gale tries to escape.

Gale hides from Ghostface in the recording studio.

We then get this nice closeup. I think it's pretty safe to assume this is the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask if you compare it to stills from the opening sequence.

A quick profile shot.

Ghostface stabs Dewey in the back.

Another closeup as Ghostface stares down Gale.

Once again, Gale tries to escape.

Ghostface behind the glass.


This next scene in which Ghostface kills the two officers before they can drive Sidney and Hallie to the local police station features what seems to be both hero masks, mainly the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask, and another different mask at the very end of the scene with a bit of a wonky proper left eye. let's take a look...

When Ghostface first appears it seems to be the #2 Hero Stab Mask.

This shot of Ghostface on top of the car seems to be the #2 Hero Stab Mask.

You can see the flattened to one side look of the mouth here.

Now inside the car, I believe we switch to the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask. Note the more symmetrical look.

Ghostface behind the wheel.

This great extreme closeup shows many details of the mask. Note the off-center nose paint.

The light from the sparks here really shows some of the shape and details of what I assume is the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask.

Nice profile shot of unconscious Ghostface.

Another extreme closeup.

In this great closeup, we can see a good few details. Note the tiny hole at the top of the mouth.

Another nice, clear look at the overall shape of the mask.

Ghostface still passed out...

Another closeup of the mask.

We then get this mask as Ghostface kills Hallie. Notice the janky proper left eye? If you go back to the wide shot of the audience in the Rialto Theater there is a mask that has a similar eye. Is it the same? Too hard to tell. But it could be.

A good look at this somewhat weird mask.

We end with one more medium closeup of the janky eye mask.


Well, we are now at the finale; the final showdown between Sidney, Mickey, and Mrs. Loomis. Mickey unmasking himself is the final look we get at a mask in the film and I believe that it's the #1 Hero Main Killer Mask.

Ghostface confronts Sidney...

Mickey starts to unmask.

The last shot of a mask in Scream 2.

Well, there we have it. We've taken a good close look at almost every single shot with a mask in it in Scream 2. Hope you enjoyed it and would love any feedback or input. Coming soon will be my guide to the masks used in Scream 3!

Ryan Hills is a Contributor and Writer for Scream-Thrillogy as well as Administrator for the largest online Scream collecting group, Scream & Ghostface Collectors on Facebook. On Instagram: ryanhills86.
Ryan Hills

Ryan Hills is a contributor and writer for Scream-Thrillogy as well as administrator for the largest online Scream collecting group, Scream & Ghostface Collectors on Facebook.instagram

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