Wall Of Sound interviewed Creed about the Scream 3 soundtrack. Here is what they said...
You guys also put together the soundtrack for Scream 3. How did that come about, and what's it like?

Basically, we were asked to be executive producers, and what that means is we put together the soundtrack and select the bands that are going to be on there. I think that's why we did it, because we felt like, "OK, someone's going to pay us to put together a cool rock compilation," and that's what we wanted to do. We're actually putting two songs on there, a song from Human Clay ("What If") and a song we wrote for the movie ("Is This the End?"). And then we're just filling it up with some other bands that a lot of people know about Kid Rock, Godsmack other bands like that in the rock and roll genre that we think are cool and that we stand behind. 
Also, rumor has it TLC was asked to contribute a song to the soundtrack.
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