Scream 3 in USA Today

Above is the newest Scream 3 image from USA Today, featuring Courteney Cox Arquette and Parker Posey. Thanks a lot to Ken, MorbidMuch, 'BooKah13' and 'Jonesey54.' Below is the article:
"Production delays have bumped the release date of Scream 3, the second sequel and final chapter in the life of perpetually pursued Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell again), from Dec. 10 to Feb. 4. So here's something scary to tide you over: Courteney Cox - excuse us, newlywed Courteney Cox Arquette - plays intrepid reporter Gale Weathers. Parker Posey plays Weathers in Stab 3, the low-budget horror movie-within-a-movie that provides the setting for Scream 3. David Arquette is back as dimwitted lawman Dewey. Fright master Wes Craven once again directs, while cast newcomers include Patrick Dempsey, Jenny McCarthy and Scott Foley of TV's Felicity." - USA Today
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