Parker Posey Interview (Entertainment Tonight)

"I get the feeling that we don't get to scream as much as we really want to."
-- Parker Posey

We talked with actress PARKER POSEY about her new role in the upcoming horror flick 'Scream 3.' Read on for the killer details.

Entertainment Tonight: So this is kind of a new look for you?

Parker Posey: Right, exactly. I play an actress who's been playing Gale Weathers in the first two 'Stab' movies, so I get to act however I want to act.

ET: Is this COURTENEY [COX ARQUETTE]'s look from 'Scream 2?'

Parker: No, it's not. All this stuff happens to my character, and this is my warrior wear. This is her fight wear because she continues on in the third act, and this is the second act.

ET: You continue on as your "actress" character?

Parker: Exactly. I continue as my actress character, following Gale around in real life. But it's not really in real life, it's in the reality of the horror film, 'Scream.'

ET: That's confusing.

Parker: Yes! It's totally confusing when there's a movie within a movie. This is a genre film. It's a horror film.

ET: So, you're an actress in 'Stab 3?'

Parker: Yes, I play an actress in 'Stab 3.'

ET:: Is the actress you play in 'Stab 3' a dramatization of Courteney from 'Scream 1' and 'Scream 2?'

Parker: Yes.

ET: Do you get confused at all when you are acting in the scene?

Parker: There's just so many options, so it's actually really fun. There are so many ways I could play it.

ET: Does WES [CRAVEN, the director] let you just play it how you want to?

Parker: Yes. He just lets me play it how I want, which is nice.

ET: Now lets talk about the lip.

Parker: No. I can't say anything about it!

ET: Did someone in the movie hit you?

Parker: Someone in the movie, but I can't say who.

ET: Was it the killer?

Parker: I can't say!

ET: Why can't you say?

Parker: Because we signed a contract that we wouldn't talk about the movie because then it will get on the Internet.

ET: How does that stuff get started on the Internet?

Parker: It's easy! Someone has a computer, and they write something.

ET: That could work for you or against you.

Parker: That's the thing. One of the things that we're up against right now is a whole load of information available on the Internet.

ET: You're the only star performer who hasn't been working on this movie all along. What's it like to come onto a film that has this incredible cult following?

Parker: I'm not really a part of that, so I don't have to think of that. I know that the 'Scream' movies have become like a soap opera horror film. People have become fascinated with it!

ET: Are you drawn in by that mythology?

Parker: No.

ET: Did you see the first two movies?

Parker: Yes.

ET: What do you think of yourself when you look in a mirror and see the wig and that kind of look? 

Parker: What wig? It's looks like a wig, but it's not! I wanted a wig look.

ET: If it's not a wig, then you actually take it home with you and wear it when you're with your friends...

Parker: This hair, yes, but I don't do all this with my hair. One scene that I thought would be funny, and we actually joked about, was being really scared and yelling and grabbing my hair and actually having clumps of hair come out. But we never got around to that.

ET: Do you get to scream?

Parker: Yep!

ET: Will you give me a sample?

Parker: Nope (laughs).

ET: Have you ever had to do a movie with a good scream, one where you had to just belt it out? 

Parker: Yes, in 'House of Yes,' I screamed!

ET: Very cathartic?

Parker: Yes, very cathartic. It's great. I get the feeling that we don't get to scream as much as we really want to. Maybe that's what these movies do -- they give an outlet for expressing fear or whatever emotions are going on that can only be expressed through a scream.
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