Tea With Ted

E! Online's Tea With Ted had some Scream 3 related gossip. I submitted around 5 questions, and three of them made it into the chat.

From morbidmuch: So, did anyone react to Parker Posey's bitchy comments about Scream 3? Any more news on that movie?

I hear she was dressed down for it, but that's just nasty gossip. You would never believe anything you read in a gossip column, would you?

From morbidmuch: Any more news on Neve Campbell and John Cusack?

Nothing other than I hear they are still hot and heavy.

From morbidmuch: What is wrong with Courteney Cox Arquette (ugh)? Does she even wash her hair anymore?

If you ask me, Courteney doesn't look any different than how she looked before she married David. Why can't you just let them be happy in their own weird, little world?
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