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The Forum Has Returned

The message board has finally returned to Scream-Thrillogy.  We decided to give it a fresh start with a clean slate and a comp… Read more

What tag did my un-tagged mask have?

Here's another excellent write-up from our friend Timothy DuFresne of Scream & Ghostface Collectors regarding the corr… Read more

Fantastic Faces: Know the Difference Between Gen 1s & 2s

Our good friend Timothy DuFresne, who runs his own Scream group on Facebook ( Scream & Ghostface Collectors ), wrote up a … Read more

Original Cut of Cursed Still Exists

So the original cut of Cursed still exists. And according to one former Dimension Films exec, it needs to be released. Cary … Read more

Riverdale references Scream

The CW's hit show Riverdale has turned in another classic horror nod -- this time an homage to Scream. “There’s a lot of… Read more

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