The Forum Has Returned

The message board has finally returned to Scream-Thrillogy.  We decided to give it a fresh start with a clean slate and a completely new forum.

There's currently one So join today...and let's try to make the Scream community great again.

The forum is located at the original address we had many, many years ago...

Some of the older fans might recognize the color scheme we went with. It was the last look of the original Scream-Trilogy board in 2002 in which we have painstakingly recreated.

The boards are simple for now: there's a General Discussion section where anything can be discussed...Scream, movies, TV, music, life, etc. And the second board is a Feedback section where you can offer the site and forum suggestions and creative feedback and request avatars and image signatures from other members.  As the site/forum grows then so will the sections.

This new forum does have a mobile interface for on-the-go members (although, the desktop version looks 100x better).

Hope to see you there...happy posting!
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