Fantastic Faces: Know the Difference Between Gen 1s & 2s

Our good friend Timothy DuFresne, who runs his own Scream group on Facebook (Scream & Ghostface Collectors), wrote up a nice post regarding the differences between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Fantastic Faces masks which were used in the first movie.

The following is from Timothy...

Ok this is long over due here, hopefully this clears the air on the confusion that a lot of people are having especially when it comes to identifying what you may have when it comes to "1st Generation" and "2nd Generation" "Fantastic Faces" masks. People often message me asking me to identify a mask they have and have found, I've heard people talking about looking at the profiles of the mask or how the nose may be painted in identifying these masks. To start let me say that they are both very similar masks. It is mainly the size of the mask that tells the difference between the two. When the 2nd mold was created Fun World ordered their suppliers in China to replicate as closely possible the master mold of the original. And they did a fine job as the features where nearly perfectly replicated, down to the dimple in the bottom of the mouth on both molds.

Really what we have here is the mask looses about a half inch in differences to the sculpt starting from the top of the eyes going down to the top of the mouth, as you can see in my pics included below. It effects the proportions of the mask. That is what I am looking for when people ask me to identify their masks. Also the peaks of the nose on the Gen 1 is more narrow at the the top and pointed while the Gen 2 sculpt is wider and slightly more rounded. The Gen 1 masks I have found also slightly collapse and twist at the bottom of the nose on the masks right side. The Gen 2 masks have more of a straight line at the bottom in line with the top of the mouth.

If you are aware that the 1st masks are noticeably smaller which I've illustrated it will become much easier for you to identify a 1st Generation Fantastic if you have one. If your Fantastic is the same size as your Fearsome you have or your other masks it is a 2nd Generation Fantastic.

I hope this helps some of you.

All photos © Timothy DuFresne
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