Scream 2 Deaths

VICTIM 9: Phil Stevens

KILLED BY: Mrs. Loomis or Mickey

Phil was killed to set up the 'copycat' theme. He shared a name with Steven Orth. He was stabbed in the ear.

VICTIM 10: Maureen Evans

KILLED BY: Mrs. Loomis or Mickey

Maureen was killed to set up the 'copycat' theme. She shared a first name with Maureen Prescott, Sidney's mother. She was stabbed seven times.

VICTIM 11: CiCi Cooper

KILLED BY: Mrs. Loomis

CiCi was killed to set up the 'copycat' theme. The name CiCi was a nickname, her real name was Casey. Just like Casey Becker. She was stabbed twice in the back and then thrown off a balcony.

VICTIM 12: Randy Meeks

KILLED BY: Mrs. Loomis

The killer is now starting to finish what was started in Woodsboro. Randy was stabbed repeatedly in Joel's van.

VICTIM 13: Officer Andrews


The picture says it all: His throat was slashed while protecting Sid.

VICTIM 14: Officer Richards


The crew had intended for the pole to go through Richards' back. But it accidentally went through is head. Obviously, that is what killed him.

VICTIM 15: Hallie


Hallie was stabbed repeatedly.

VICTIM 16: Derek


Boyfriend-Killer, Boyfriend-Killer, Boyfriend-Killer. Derek was shot through the heart, and love's to blame. Sidney gives love, a bad name.

VICTIM 17: Mickey

KILLED BY: Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers with the help of Mrs. Loomis

"Did you believe that 'Blame the movies' motive for a second?" First Mrs. Loomis shoots Mickey a few times, and then Sidney and Gale finish the job.

VICTIM 18: Mrs. Loomis/Debbie Salt

KILLED BY: Cotton Weary

That Cotton sure is a nice guy. In exchange for a Diane Sawyer interview, he saves Sidney's life by killing Mrs. Loomis.