Scream Deaths

VICTIM 1: Maureen Prescott

KILLED BY: Billy and Stu

Beloved wife and mother was loved by all, and I do mean all. This little tramp was screwing the wrong people. First, she got all up in that with Mr. Loomis, really pissing off his wife and son to deadly consequences. If not for her, many would still be alive. She was stabbed repeatedly.

VICTIM 2: Steven Orth

KILLED BY: Billy or Stu

Steve dated the wrong person at the wrong time. And, he didn't work out enough for the football team. If he had put some more effort into it, two skinny dorks couldn't have been able to beat and tie him up. He was gutted.

VICTIM 3: Casey Becker

KILLED BY: Billy or Stu

Poor poor Casey. She wasn't that close to Sidney Prescott but was still killed due to the fact that she dated the insane Stu Maker. She was stabbed repeatedly, gutted, then hung from a tree. If only she had run faster, not have stopped when she saw Steven Orth and her parents, Casey would be here with us all today.

VICTIM 4: Principal Himbry


Probably the most evil of the "innocent" victims. This man assaulted students with scissors and touched his female students a little too much. His was stabbed to death then hung from a goal post. Many people enjoyed watching the police take his dead body off the goal posts.

VICTIM 5: Tatum Riley


Sister of Dewey Riley, but she didn't inherit the survival gene that Dewy has. She was dating the psycho Stu Maker which we already learned from Casey that is not something good to do. She was kinda retro and had a great love for Grant Goodeve. If she had been opposed drinking of alcohol by minors, she would still be alive. But alas, she was so stupid to think that she could fit through a tiny cat door. Also, she should have found a shovel or ax, or something, that was hanging in the garage and start beating the killer to death. She was crushed by a garage door.

VICTIM 6: Kenny


Kenny was a simple man that loved his work and eating large amounts of junk food. If Kenny had a better short term memory he would have remembered the 30-second delay. He had his throat slashed then was put on top of a van.(though the book "The Woodsboro Murders" would have you believe he was gutted, that is false.

VICTIM 7: Stu Macher

KILLED BY: Sidney Prescott

The psycho Stu was so eager to please Billy Loomis that he would even kill to please him. Sure he had a sense of humor but he was still insane. He was stabbed by Billy then hit in the head with a vase, then a television set fell on his head. Yes, the last thing he saw was a young Jamie Lee Curtis.

VICTIM 8: Billy Loomis

KILLED BY: Sidney Prescott

Yes, this rat looking mamma's boy was a psychotic as his mommy. He was so obsessed with horror movies that he started his own franchise. He was stabbed with a knife and an umbrella, then shot two times.