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Sound Off: Don't hate Williamson

RainMann talks about the fan's reaction to Williamson dropping out of Scream 3.
Why are Scream fans mad at Kevin Williamson?

In mid June the Scream fans of the world were disappointed to herethat Kevin Williamson would not be writing the Scream 3 script alone. It was then that we found out Ehren Kruger would be doing most of the work on thefinal installment of our beloved film series. The reason? Kevin Williamson was busy working on other projects and couldn't meet his deadline for theScream 3 script. From this introduction you probably think I'm going to bash Kevin for not having the script ready but I'm just trying to tell it like it is so I'm not accused of being biased. But, I am not here to be little Mr. Williamson but rather the Scream fans who bad mouth Kevin for"abandoning" he project. Like most of you I have been hooked on Scream and Kevin Williamson since December of 96'. Finally something new and fresh in the world of horror. I admit I wa…