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RainMann talks about the fan's reaction to Williamson dropping out of Scream 3.
Why are Scream fans mad at Kevin Williamson?

In mid June the Scream fans of the world were disappointed to herethat Kevin Williamson would not be writing the Scream 3 script alone. It was then that we found out Ehren Kruger would be doing most of the work on thefinal installment of our beloved film series. The reason? Kevin Williamson was busy working on other projects and couldn't meet his deadline for theScream 3 script. From this introduction you probably think I'm going to bash Kevin for not having the script ready but I'm just trying to tell it like it is so I'm not accused of being biased. But, I am not here to be little Mr. Williamson but rather the Scream fans who bad mouth Kevin for"abandoning" he project. Like most of you I have been hooked on Scream and Kevin Williamson since December of 96'. Finally something new and fresh in the world of horror. I admit I was not a huge horror fan before Scream but still knew enough about it to say that it was pretty much dead. But that Christmas Santa was about to bring a gift to the horror genre. Authors note: MY GOD THAT WAS HOKEY! This gift was Scream a self referential horror film that became one of the biggest hits of the year. You know the story.

Anyway, soon Kevin Williamson was one of the most sought after writers in Hollywood and news of his projects were popping up all over the place. As it turned out the projects Kevin Williamson accepted booked him from 1996 till December of 1999. I am not including Her Leading Man cause that project is still rather new. So, in only 2 years time Kevin was working on lets see.... I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2, Dawsons Creek, Halloween H20, The Faculty, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Wasteland, Scream 3... how many was that? Six feature films,one of which he was directing, and two television series'. Stanley Kubrick might not even do that much work in twenty years let alone two.

Now, I realize that ever since Scream 2 was announced we've been bombarded with the idea that the same director and writer would be attached to the series. Also, the idea that Scream was always intended to be a trilogy but that does not mean that Kevin should drop other films that he signed contracts for just to write Scream 3. Also, many people are saying Kevin has "abandoned" the film and series that made him a star. That is completely untrue. He has been on the set for much of the filming, worked very closely with Ehren Kruger to write the script and is producing the film. Also, I would not call calling up Bob Weinstein in tears begging to hold the third film off a few months so he could be involved abandoning the series. There was no falling out. He didn't storm off the project. It wasn't a creative clash. It was just a matter of bad timing. Kevin wasover worked and couldn't make his deadline. I know that Kevin Williamson has frequently referred to the Scream series as his baby but if Dimension Films really wanted him they could have had him. All they had to do was wait a couple of months. I would have understood if one day I read on Dark Horizons that Scream 3 wasn't coming out till the spring of 2000 so we could have Kevin Williamson write the script.

I might be a little mad about having to wait longer but I do believe it would be much better then our currentsituation. No offense against Ehren Kruger. So, next time you are about to badmouth Kevin Williamson take all these things into account. Feel free toe-mail me at
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