Scream Special Effects

The renowned KNB Special Effects house was brought in to help bring life to the Scream script. One of their bigger jobs was to create a life-size dummy of Drew Barrymore. The effects team also had to decide on a way to hang the dummy from a tree, since the Scream script wasn't too specific. The following are their drawings of different scenarios for Casey & Steve and also a behind the scenes look at the creation of the dummy. Click the image for a larger view.

The effects team was also involved in what the killer would look like. The script referred to the killer as a "white ghost figure" so they played with the idea of a killer dressed in white. But then it was decided that the killer would be scariest if it was in black. The effects team drew sketches of possible masks and even created one of their own. In the end, Wes Craven chose the mask used in the film after he discovered it while scouting for locations.

[images coming soon]