Scream 3 Rumor Archive

Here is an archived rundown of all the major rumors surrounding the lead-up to the highly anticipated Scream 3, courtesy of the old movie scoop website Coming Attractions.

(July 9, 1997 - February 4, 2000)

July 9, 1997... [ Page draft written in blood and submitted via stalking by 'Widgett'. ]

Kevin Williamson has told Miramax that the script for the third installment should be in their hands by this coming April.

Since the only thing we know at present is that someone will get the trademark boot (or knife, as the case may be) in the opening moments of the film, names are already being tossed around as to who will get whacked. Alicia Silverstone has been one name overheard, Liv Tyler another. [ Scoop phoned in using that nifty "voice box" thing by 'widgett' .]

September 23, 1997... In a development sure to upset someone connected to the Scream franchise who surfs here, our scooper tells us that Matthew Lillard (Stu from the first Scream ) is set to return in the third installment. At the wrap party for the picture Dead Man's Curve in Baltimore, he let it slip that he would be returning for the third Scream movie as Stu's 'twin brother'. This would indicate that at least the story outline is fairly solid and ready to advance ahead soon. Apparently, Wes Craven might let Kevin Williamson direct the third picture as well. [ Information submitted by 'mev3'. ]

November 10, 1997... The whole script hasn't been finished just yet by Kevin Williamson. According to the scooper, Wes Craven is still contemplating about sitting this one out and letting Williamson take the helm. [ Thank to 'Indy'. ]

December 23, 1997... After the December record breaking debut of Scream 2 ($33 million on its first opening weekend), you can bet Williamson is pounding away on the ol' word processor. But our scooper at Syracuse University tells us something else: " I live on the same floor as a friend of mine who works at Miramax. She is an intern, and has lots of nice tid bits of information. You can believe my surprise when she produced a copy of the treatment for Scream 2 weeks before it came out. Anyway, according to her, the script for Scream 3 has already been written. Screw this due in April thing! " [ Holiday slashing cheer to 'Hollywood' -- study hard or get killed in the exams. ]

January 6, 1997... " Can we say Stab 2 ? (based on the best selling book by Cotton Weary) " is how this scooper begins their email to us, name-dropping people like Teri Hatcher to portray Gale in the Stab 2 movie, and Alicia Silverstone as Cici.

The scooper also tells us Ms.Prescott will become a major figure in a huge court case (said to be presented to be even bigger than the O.J. Simpson trial.) A possible tag line for the Stab 2 film-within-a-film: 'It's gonna hurt even more...' [ Another one of those darn anonymous notes scribbed in blood and tacked on Corona's front door by a bowie knife; you darn kids, we told you it just ain't funny anymore! Go home!! ]

January 25, 1998... This scooper claims his friend just got cast in the upcoming Scream 3 film (slated to start filming in early March, they say.) Anyway, their friend said most of the characters names are inspired by the villains from slasher films...Michael, Freddy, Jason and so on. Freddy is the brother of Skeet Ulrich's character from the original Scream . [ Gracias to 'Timvitotv'. ]

January 27, 1998... Another rumor is making the rounds, and we've got to put a SPOILER WARNING on this one due to its possible revealing content. You have been warned...

Word has it Christopher Walken is being considered for a part in the second sequel. Walken's role could be very small and to-the-point, though: the scooper was told Walken might play Cotton Weary in the movie-within-the-movie, appearing in only one small scene. However (and here's the kicker), at the end of the movie, Walken (as himself) comes out of nowhere and reveals himself as the true killer. "Who did you expect?" or something along those lines, will be his big punchline at the end, before he gets killed by Neve Campbell. Even though the scooper questions the validity of finding out something this major this soon about Scream 3 , they think it's a fabulous idea. " He's a movie star; he's got a cell phone, right? " [ Scooped by 'SRG'; with thanks to 'Thuran22' for reminding us of the obvious. ] END SPOILER WARNING

Tag lines sent in by someone anonymous, which may or may not be considered for the film's tag line:

"Someone's taken the meaning 'legal thriller' one step too far"
"Someone's taken their love of trilogies one step too far"
"Solving this case is going to be murder"

[ Sent in anonymously. ]

February 3, 1998... Just got sent this scoop. Could be legit, could be someone's idea of a joke. But then that's why we're here:

"The film begins with a very familiar young actor sitting down watching a horror movie at home. The power goes out (because of a storm). We cut to the bushes outside moving in the wind. [The house is by a lake] We see the guy inside through the window. He's found a flashlight and goes to call the power company. Then, he hears a footstep behind him. He turns around. He jumps. 'Man, what the hell - ", a knife stabs him. 'Cut!' shouts a new voice. We then see thta a movie is being filmed. However, the actor does not move. He really has been killed. A very familiar young actress, realizing the fact that the actor is dead, screams.

' Scream 3 '

[ Sent anonymously. ]

February 10, 1998... " It's not a well known young actress who gets killed at the start of this film. It's a well known young actor playing himself. " [ Anonymous. ]

February 12, 1998... Someone tells us the spoilers are coming from a Miramax executive...but without any concrete contact with either person, we can't confirm or deny it (but try to keep the 'can't confirm' part in the forefront of your thoughts.) Still, the scooper also reports that Neil Prescott (?), a Stab 2 character and another individual would be majorly involved with the film's storyline. [ Sent by 'Cutter'. ]

But if we're receiving scoops from someone in Miramax, how come we're getting conflicting emails? Because you can't trust which person is scooping you the truth if you can't confirm their identity, can you? Which is why we've been told the young actor who'll get killed off in the opening scene of Scream 3 will be either Jermey London [' Jacob T. '] or rising star Matt Damon [" ...he was seen recently at a New England restaurant, with none other than Wes Craven. My money is that Damon gets the infamous opening Scream death scene... -- 'Red Dawn'.


Another anonymous email reports that casting is slated to start at the end of April, and that some cast members from Dawson's Creek may appear in the film. The plotline about a movie based on the events in Sydney's past was again re-iterated. [ Anonymous. ]

February 14, 1998... It looks like there's about five actors on the short list for the role of the next cadaver. 'Cutter' maintains that he's heard Matt Damon is the name on the top of the list, but we've also received this data packet from longtime scooper 'Dr. Strangelove'...

" Quentin Tarantino may do a cameo playing like the director of the horror film within the horror film. Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and Clare Danes are being talk for the people to be killed in the first ten minutes along with Damon. "

That jives with the info we've been hearing, but another one of our agents-in-the-know told us this:

" I'm surprised to hear that Matt Damon was talking to Wes Craven, an 'assistant' at Dimension that I know, told me that they were talking to Ben Affleck for a smalll role and that he was interested but dumped the idea last month, once Good Will Hunting broke out. "

February 23, 1998... We've been told that our Christopher Walken is incorrect; Walken will not be the killer in Scream 3 . And all of the script plots on here are also erroneous since Kevin Williamson has just began to write the script. [ Reported by 'KLW6131941'. ]

March 4, 1998... We keep receiving this tag line for the movie anonymously: ' Someone is taking this premise too far... ' Hmm. [ Anonymous. ]

April 11, 1998... CA 's been told that Alicia Silverstone has been approached about playing the role of a snotty movie actress who works with the character of Sydney in Hollywood in Scream 3 . After Alicia's character is killed, Sydney steps in to play her role. " The third Scream installment will poke fun on the making of horror films like Scream poked fun at horror movies and Scream 2 poked fun at sequels, " our scooper said. They also warned us there's talk that Liv Tyler may play Sydney in the third movie because Neve Cambell has hinted she may not wish to reprise the character. [ 'Jayvee28'. ]

May 12, 1998... According to our scooper, who knows someone in the upper echelons of Miramax, the studio wants Scream 3 to come out around Christmas of '99. This is being done for two reasons (guess which one is the secretive one). Supposedly, the scooper was told Miramax wants to continue the holiday horror theme and keep releasing Scream films during the holiday season. Unofficially, the studio wants to give room to Neve Campbell to pursue another film she wants to star in; this way, they want to keep their leading lady happy so she won't feel like she's being typecast in the Scream films. If everyone keeps smiling, Neve could be screaming again come next summer. [ Submitted by anonymous. ]

July 1, 1998... Thanks to this reader we can now see the teaser poster Miramax is using to build interest in the project. Studios regularly use these sorts of posters to raise the awareness of their films even though the project isn't even scheduled to begin shooting yet. [ Poster submitted by Cheryl Graves. ]

July 9, 1998... Garth Franklin's Dark Horizons site has been scooping the dish out about this project for more than a week now. Franklin's reported that series star Neve Campbell told the Calgary Sun newspaper that she doesn't want to become typecast as a horror actress. That's the first published article that confirms the rumors of Campbell being wary of starring in a third Scream . [ Originally appeared on Dark Horizons. ]

Meanwhile, we've heard a rumor that Charisma Carpenter (who plays Cordelia on Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) may be cast as one of the new supporting characters, a bitchy horror movie actress that gets caught up in all the new murder mayhem. [ Anonymous. ]

July 26, 1998... It's been reported on various movie Web sites that Williamson's script for Scream 3 should be ready sometimes early next year, in time for filming to take place in April '99. Whether Neve Campbell returns to the role of Sydney or not remains to be seen; however, Williamson says that he's planned for a contingency that doesn't require Sydney to be in the new story. It's rumored that the storyline would follow the actress who'd play Sydney in a 'Stab' sequel to the events depicted in Scream 2 ...which would complicate things even further... [ Sent in by 'DPW'. ]

August 18, 1998... At a Saturday afternoon panel at the San Diego Comic Convention, Scream screenwriter Kevin Williamson was on hand to discuss his many projects. When the subject of him choosing to write the second sequel to Scream inevitably arose Williamson remained aloof; in our opinion he didn't want to either say he would or wouldn't consider it. (Dollar signs, anyone?) Nevertheless, Williamson did reveal to the crowd that his assistant released three fake endings to Scream 2 to the 'net last year. " Don't trust anything you read on the 'net! " was Williamson's reply to one audience member who asked him about a rumor they had read on the information highway. Coming from someone who himself said he " doesn't have enough time to write anymore, " we here at CA took his comments directed at this and other movie 'net sites a little bit personal. Hey Kev, if you're really that busy doin' your projects why don't you get your assistant to actually help us and your fans out instead of screwing around with their heads? [ Reported by Patrick Sauriol, who really has better things to do than weed out a certain assistant's multiple email addresses. ]

September 21, 1998... It looks like the aforementioned contingency plan that Williamson had in mind for the script may be coming into focus. It looks like Neve Campbell may be out, since he's saying now he'd like to have the third movie focus on someone besides Sydney. He's thinking of having the third chapter focus more on Cox's Gale Weathers character. [ Scoop submitted anonymously. ]

September 22, 1998... Finally, we can quit squabbling over the whole Neve Campbell is-she-in-or-is-she-not thing and get down to some serious casting rumors. Corona has been told "...Kevin Williamson is interested in signing WWF champ and all-around swell guy 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin for a bit part as a policeman in the new film. But since we know we CAN'T TRUST ANYTHING WE READ ON THE 'NET!!...take it with a grain of salt." We've got a salt lick handy for just such an occasion, buddy--do not fear. [ Thank 'nocreativity316' for this one. You heard me. ]

September 24, 1998... An anonymous scooper tells us that Neve Campbell does what to partake of the final Scream chapter, but wants to die during the course of the film. Neve, you should know the horror movie rule by now: not even death will save you from a Scream 4 if the money's there. [ Scoop handed in anonymously. ]

September 27, 1998... This scooper gets an "A" in presentation, anyway. Here's yet another rumor regarding Neve--is she in, is she out? This scooper is being held at knifepoint by Mr. Ghostface as we speak, so I can't reveal too much or he'll let me have it...but, I've heard from several webpages, and also seen mentioned in various magazines that Neve Campbell WILL appear in "Scream 3", but only in a sort of cameo see, Williamson HAS decided that the neew script will focus on Gale Weathers and her investigation of a murder of someone very close to her...who?...Sydney Prescott. Several sources say Neve WILL cameo in the film, but only as the "big star" that gets killed in the beginning of the film. It's been rumored that Sydney's death scene will be the opening of the film (played out very tragically and sadly, like the first two films, but even more so since Sydney means so muich to the "Scream" series) and that FatherDeath will somehow connect his slaying of Sydney to Gale...sort of like a "psycho-stalker tribute/gift" to I've made Ghosty angry...oh no...he says he's going to.." Here the scooper was cut off. But at least he finished his scoop and started rumor mills churning again before he bought the farm. Now THAT's dedication to the cause, people. Still, is this gospel or just Williamson and company trying to mess with our heads again? [ Send flowers to your favorite charity in honor of 'rvelasco' ]

October 2, 1998... This anonymous scoop was found nailed to our pet goldfish. Don't ask. "Don't believe the rumours That Sydney is going to be killed off in Scream 3.Wes has made it clear that he wants Sydney to have a happy ending,And Neve Campbell will be back.she just ink a deal with Miramax to not only star In Scream 3,but to distribute the independent movie she and her brother produce called Hairshirt.the Deal also includes Miramax to have first look at anything the dynamic dual will produced in the near future." It is true that Neve and Christian have produced the film Hairshirt . Seems like an interesting way to get her on board, anyway... [ Scoop mailed in by 'anonymous' ]

October 11, 1998... We've received a report that Williamson is done with his scribing duties and is just waiting for Neve to make up her mind whether she's in or out. The shooting is scheduled to begin in February of next year. [ Bloody scoop handed in by Alex Goddard ]

October 18, 1998... We received this slip of paper via a stale fortune cookie. "A rumor that Drew Barrymore will make a cameo at the end of Scream 3 as a reporter is popping up on quite a few fan sites. Of course, it's impossible to confirm signed actors, since the movie HASN'T EVEN BEEN WRITTEN YET (no, it hasn't, it really hasn't)!" It seems to me the whole Neve in-or-out thing would need to be figured out before you started messing with cameos, yeah. [ Scoop provided anonymously. ]

Of course, the major news that broke last week was Wes Craven's deal with Miramax. Not only will it be enough for Mr. Craven to purchase a couple of Hollywood homes if he so desires but he's contractually obligated to direct Scream 3 . Cemented!

October 20, 1998... Another scooper writes in to tell us that Campbell, Cox and Arquette are all close to signing. Silverstone and Tyler are still contenders for the coveted "death cameo." Reese Witherspoon and Charisma Carpenter (as already mentioned) are looking at supporting roles. Don't expect Kennedy, Ulrich and Lilliard to return. As for the idea that someone from Dawson's Creek would be in the cast, through a process of elimination he figures it will be James Van Der Beek, and he'll be the next piece of fodder--I mean, Sydney's boyfriend. Sorry. [ Rumor-laiden scoop provided anonymously ]

And this scooper has character names, even. "James Van Der Beek as Dave; Seth Green as Peter; Charisma Carpenter as Audrey Moore and Paula Marshall as Missy. Let's just say I'm close to Craven" Believe it or not, I guess. [ Another eeriely anonymous scooper scooped us. ]

Which is interesting, because this scooper ain't buying it. "Kevin has not even begun his scribing dutoes on this film. He has just been signed and begins pening the script in January. They'll shoot in May." [ Opposing rumor brought to you by 'scooterbrw'. ]

October 29, 1998... We were just scooped that Percy Miller (A.K.A. Master P, the head of No Limit Records label) is apparently going to be trying out for a part in Scream 3 . " Trust that this will be a small role, " our scooper said about Miller's try out. " He most likely will be seen in the first 30 minutes and that's it. In other words he gets killed. " [ Sent in by 'adama'. No relation to the Battlestar: Galactica character - we think. ]

December 29, 1998... Who knows if these next couple are true or not? We sure don't but it makes for fine rumormongering material...and besides, they got on our good side by acknowleding our Scream 3 page has got to be full of baloney. So what's a little more meat on your sandwich, right??

" It appears Kevin Williamson is pissing Miramax officials off. He has promised to have the script for Scream 3 done several times and missed the deadlines. It was originally due back in April of 98 and he missed that. Then it was September. Missed that. Now he has missed the December deadline. It appears Kevin Williamson is trying to milk Scream 3 for all he can get. He has been sending bits and pieces to Miramax but never the complete script. So far all they have are a couple of key scenes. They do have an opening sequence, a new Casey Becker phone copycat scene, and a couple of others. But I guess those scenes that Kevin has been sending them aren't very good. Now studio officials are considering bringing in a new writer to pen the Scream 3 script and Wes Craven has already agreed to direct if the script is as good as the two previous ones. It appears though that Kevin Williamson is going with the storyline of Sidney Prescott getting killed in the opening sequence and Gale Weathers and the stars of 'Stab 2' becoming the stars of this film, which Bob and Harvey Weinstein don't like because they'd like to finish the trilogy with Sidney Precott (Neve Campbell) in the lead. They were also rather pissed because in the Casey Becker copycat phone scene, Kevin Williamson thought it would be cool to have a boy get offed in the scene instead, a cousin of Sidney Prescott's who is coming for her funeral and gets offed. Only the boy will be around 13 years old and nobody wants to see JTT in a Scream film.Oh, and the majority of the rumors on this page are fake, Master P isn't even considered for a role because there are no roles really completely written yet. But of course, you can't believe everything you read on the net so you might take this with a grain of salt. I'll be back with more scoops when everything around here is jiving. "

[ Anonymous got it fresh from the deli for us. ]

" Twas some nights before Christmas, when all through the Miramax Chrismas Party, all creatures were stirring about Scream 3 . The stockings were hung by the chimney with care. In hopes that Father Death would soon be there. The executives were all smug in there predictions while visions of box office receipts danced in their heads

"Things heard throughout the night:

    'Did ya here, Williamson has finished the script'
    'God I hope he did'
    'Bob has talked to Gywenth and Ben about cameos'
    'They would never do a movie like

Scream '
'They would if he dangled another movie infront of their faces'
'You mean a 2 movie package?'
'He wouldn't stoop'
'Do you know who you are talking about? He would. He has.'
'Were they really in the mob?'
'Shut up with the mob crap'
'If The Faculty fails we know what to blame. Whoever came up with those ads should be shot.'
'Is Drew coming back?'
'Not as Casey but maybe a cameo, I think it would be cool'
'Isn't that a big internet rumor?'
'I think so.'
'Christina Ricci is said to be a fan.'
'Lets hope. Face the facts, the Scream 2 opener was a huge let down. We need someone famous and good to make it a classic.'
'We don't even know if the script is written!'
'Yeah, but they still have names that they want.'
'Who else thinks Kevin will make it a walking billboard for "Dawsons Creek".'
'I don't, he has already gotten them enough jobs. Time to give different actors a chance.'
'Whatever. 'Buffy' 'Dawson' 'Felicity' actors will be in it. No new faces.'
'Well Buffy is a must.' "

[ Anonymous. ]

January 3, 1999... For your reading pleasure we present the following scoop:

" The Dec. 27th scoop on SCREAM 3 , at least the first part, is utter bullshit. For many reason: A) Williamson is bound by contract to write it. B) He has the project outlined, or at least a solid idea of the storyline (so he says). C) He said in an OCTOBER interview he wouldn't BEGIN writing the film until 'the first of the year'.

"The April deadline was set before he put THE FACULTY and KILLING MRS. TINGLE into developtment. Bob Weinstein has the December 1999 date SET, so they let him do his other projects. So Williamson is not in trouble, especially because they asked him to do THE FACULTY , because it was from another script.


Thank goodness we can get the information from our readers. [ Larry Jordi, we appreciate the assistance. ]

That said, here comes an old fashioned, completely unprovable scoop: " There's a good chance you'll see Los Angeles Lakers 19-year old phenom, Kobe Bryant in Scream 3 . I've sent this scoop before, so don't say I didn't warn you. " Argh. [ 'Number Eight'. ]

April 27, 1999... We've been holding off on our Scream 3 postings because, to be frank, we wanted to send a message to certain parties that we were tired of getting our chains yanked. It seems the matter has been resolved, so back we go to posting some reliable intel.

The show is in production, and most Scream fans now know that Neve Campbell will only be involved with the shoot for three short weeks. With that little fact revealed, the biggest question we have to ask would have to be whether Sidney plays a leading role in the film's script.

Our answer comes from a reader who seems to have that answer as well as a slew of others to share with us. Their information comes from Megan Anderson's web site...

"My secret spy from Cinemark informed me that theater managers have annual meetings with motion picture companies to preview trailers and receive information about movies coming out over the next year or so. Even films which haven't begun production are discussed; which includes Scream 3 . A short trailer was shown and the following was said about the plot. It will be reminiscent of The Godfather Part II in the way that it is both a sequel and a prequel. Sidney will continue to be tormented by a killer in the present day, but the film will also go back to show how the whole thing started; before Scream .

"Although the official start of production is set for June 15, due to scheduling conflicts with Courteney Cox, it wont actually begin until June 27.

"Dewey will be paralyzed from the waist down, thus sentencing him to a wheel chair. As for a relationship between him and Gale, it is probable, but unconfirmed.


"The fate of Sidney Prescott was also revealed. She will not live to see the second half of the film.


"It's been rumored for awhile that Jamie Kennedy would have a cameo much like Matt Lillard did in Scream 2 . It is confirmed that such a part is open for him if he chooses to accept.

"Wes Craven officially denied that there would be any lower-budget direct-to-video Scream sequels, quote, 'It would be disappointing to our fans. I feel that rounding it off as a trilogy is the proper way to do it.'

"Wes Craven also announced that there was a portion of a Scream 3 script floating around the internet that was much like the real script. However, that part has since been changed due to an unrelated problem.

"And last, it has been confirmed that the same security measures taken during the production of Scream 2 will be put into effect again. Such as the cast not knowing the identity of the killer until the end and each receiving a script with their own personal I.D. code to ensure that all scripts are turned in when new portions are handed out.


For more breaking info, check out . [ Scoop sent in by 'Filmnazi'. ]

May 18, 1999... The The Scream Trilogy web site has posted what they claim to be a non-spoiler, extremely light plot synopsis of the new film's storyline. We were forwarded the info...

" Well I have been able to read certain scenes of the Scream 3 script. I would love to call the script 'brilliant' but I can't. Mostly because I have not read enough to jump to that conclusion. But the scenes that I have read are very, very well written.

"I have read the basic outline of the plot. It is as follows..

"Sidney Prescott moves to Hollywood in search of a career in Showbiz. After Gale Weathers (who is a very wealthy person now) pulls a few strings, she is hired as a personal assistant to a 'Scream Queen' type actress. It is a start at least. The actress, is a giant bitch, I kept imagining Charisma Carpenter in the role. 'Stab 2' is about to go into production. That is when all hell breaks loose again.

"But this time, Sidney must look to the past to learn who the killers are. She is aided by mysterious phone calls, from someone who claims to have known Mrs.Loomis.

"I have read two scenes. One was a murder of a character, and the other was a more comedic scene. The film takes extremely hilarious shots at movies like Urban Legend and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer . Jennifer Love Hewwit should probably not see Scream 3 because she is made fun, to an extreme level.

"The murder scene, I did not read the ending because it cut off in the middle. It was so breathtaking that I don't want to ruin it for anyone.


[ Forwarded by 'Mr. Pointy'; originally appeared on the 'Scream Trilogy' Web Site. ]

June 23, 1999... Last week Dimension Films announced that, due to a hectic schedule, Kevin Williamson's involvement with the Scream 3 Project may be limited to the 30 page outline he has already completed. Word has it a new screenwriter, Ehren Kruger, ( Arlington Road and Reindeer Games will be responsible for turning out the full length screenplay based on Williamson's outline.

Despite reports that the script is being 'revised' due to the current high school shootings, Casting is set to resume soon and the film is expected to go into production in late July. Some rumors even suggest that one scene in particular has already been filmed suggesting that the production is moving along a little more quickly than the powers that be lead us to believe. A lot of information is being kept very quiet and rumors continue to spread.

As far as casting goes, we're told that Chad Wingerd, recently seen in the documtary War Dogs, America's Forgotten Heroes is involved in the film. Rumors of Ben Affleck's involvement are sounding less and less likely to be true, according to some sources. Although the possibility of a cameo is not out of the question.[ Thanks to James Hochauser, 'Kramer', J.W. Dixon, and many additional anonymous coarpses for all the scoops. ]

And finally, the latest and greatest scoop, as sent to us by Megan Anderson, webmaster over at and : "Today I received an email from a seemingly reliable source who provided me with some information and rumors that haven't been said before. Some of which are potential minor spoilers. This source has contacts close to the production, so we get a few peeks into some things that haven't been announced.

This is pretty much quoted exactly from my page, so you can snip pieces if you'd like and make it more compact. I was/am really tired when I put it up so it's probably not as concise as it could be. But here we go:

First off, he told me a bit about the Kruger/Williamson controversy. Apparently Kruger came in in the beginning of June to help lighten Kevin's work load. Kevin wrote the beginning and ending first, so Ehren only needed to write the middle portion of the film, which Kevin then made extensive rewrites of. He (Kevin) also insisted he be given writing credit when the movie is released.

This scooper really admires Kruger as a writer and says that the script is more funny than it is scary, however it's also more of a psychological thriller (which I hear Kruger is very good at).

The entire script has been seen by no one around the production, only bits and pieces. One scene in particular impressed this source which involves Sidney in a very dramatic scene. Word has it it might be cut, but that hasn't been decided yet. Personally, it sounds like a great scene and I hope it remains in the film. It is a minor spoiler, but the scene is said to have Sidney considering suicide. Kruger wrote an excellent speech for Sidney to give during this scene, where she contemplates what's real and what isn't, and how she feels she is just watching her life rather than living it.

Speaking of cut scenes, only one is said to have been cut due to the recent school shootings. A particular scene took place in a school, only with knives as opposed to guns. It is said to have been very disturbing and was in good taste that it was removed.

As we know, the killers in Scream 2 weren't revealed to even the cast members until the last few days of shooting. That is likely to happen again especially considering the killer(s) haven't been decided on yet.

The cast is allegedly almost in place, though who exactly the cast is is being kept quiet. One person mentioned is a name I haven't heard tied to this film before and that is Anne Heche. It is said she might be up for a part that is similar to Gale: possibly a reporter on the set of Gale's new movie (which, incidentally might not be Stab 2). Heche appeared in I Know What You Did... so it might not be completely unheard of for her to have a role in this one. A little more was said about Heche in particular being relevant to the role. **possible minor spoiler** It said her character would be killed in a similar fashion to her role in Psycho. Which is why they would want Anne in particular.

As far as the rest of the cast goes, don't expect as many tv stars as have been predicted. Especially those of Dawson's Creek and Felicity. However, those of Buffy don't seem to have been ruled out yet.

Alicia Silverstone is apparently still being courted for a role, but she has made it clear to the studio that she will have no part in it.

The two other most popular names that have been linked to the film are Heather Graham and Ben Affleck. This source tells me they wont have a major role in the film. Note the word 'major.' There is apparently room for plenty of celebrity cameos seeing as the setting is LA. In addition, it is said to be a bit of a satire on Hollywood itself.

Roger Jackson is indeed returning and he says he likes his part. It looks like he might have a stronger presence this time, in more ways than one.

And now for the most surprising piece of information from this email, he says that one scene has already been filmed. If that's true, it just goes to show exactly how tight production has been and will continue to be. Personally, I am very pleased to hear that. Hopefully they'll continue to be more successful with protecting this film than they were with Scream 2 .

Back to Ehren Kruger for a moment, I also received an email from a resident of Belgium. Here is what he had to say about Arlington Road :

'I saw it about 3 months ago, I can tell you that it was a great movie. Good acting, very good story and a great unexpected ending... A good thriller in a Hitchcock way. You get a very claustrophobic feeling while watching the movie. Don't worry my fellow Americans, Scream 3 will rise above your expectations.'


[ Thanks again to Megan Anderson for sending us the scoop. The check is in the mail. ]

June 29, 1999... Yeah! Count on CA 's radio listeners to never let us down as these two scoopers prove to us...

" I live in Atlanta and our alterna-rock stations's morning DJ's have talked to Courtney Cox and David Arquette many times since Scream 2 was filmed in and around Atlanta. They even announced their relationship officially on the morning show. Well David and Courtney called in on 6/28/1999 and said they were still on their honeymoon but that they start filming the next Scream on the 6th of July in LA. They also said that this will definately be the last movie for all the principle people involved. " [ Scooped by 'Taffy Lewis'. ]

" I was listening to our modern rock station here in Atlanta, when the morning dj's interviewed David Arquette and Courtney Cox in sunny Orlando (the two are doing a tour of roller coasters of the world for their honeymoon). Anyhoo, David confirmed that shooting for Scream 3 WOULD commence on the 6th. Is it August or July? I didn't hear, but I would suspect August since they are on their honeymoon still (rude dj's for bugging them). David also said that this Scream WOULD be the last for him and Courtney (until a good $$ amount comes in is my guess). But Courtney got on the phone with the dj's as well and said Wes Craven and crew all agreed this would be the last Scream for them. Take this scoop for what you will since it comes from someone ivvvvil, err, evvvvil!! " [ Scooped by 'Dr. Ivil'. ]

July 4, 1999... That's right! It's the confirmation we've all been waiting for; Stone Cold Steven Austin will be part of the Scream 3 experience. [ As reported on , as if we all don't have it bookmarked. ]

July 5, 1999... Well, we can only ignore the screams of the insane for so long before we just have to let them have the floor;

" The news is already out about one actress that's been signed to do Scream 3 and that's Parker Posey. You can also look forward to seeing Eliza Dushku from Buffy [The Vampire Slayer] ,Ethan Erickson from Jawbreaker , and Kate Hudson from 200 Cigarettes , who is also known as Goldie Hawn's delightful daughter. Those are the only people who've been cast that I've heard about. Of course there are others but I don't know who they are yet, I only know of people who are still being looked at, because Miramax plans on making an announcement this week or next, I'm not sure. And by the way... that guy who claimed to have read two scenes from the script is wrong. Jennifer Love Hewitt is mentioned ONCE if my friend is accurate and the only reason they know is because Harvey Weinstein threw a tantrum when he read on several webpages that the movie made fun of her. This movie is also supposed to be less violent and more of a spoof on Hollywood, with some mayhem thrown in, than a bloodbath. Also I heard that they're trying to get a cameo by Monica Arnold, the singer commonly known as Monica, to portray Hallie in Stab 2. That may not work out, who knows. My friend says that the cameo by Monica would include a potshot at Brandy for her terrible performance in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer . Also, I know of a couple actresses being courted for the role of the opening sequence character; one being Liv Tyler, others being Alicia Silverstone (though she may soon be off the list because she is expressing that she doesn't want to do the movie VERY harshly), Charlize Theron, and Kate Winslet, who actually seems to be the most interested. Some males being courted for the male role in the opener are Ben Affleck (I personally am rooting for Ben and Liv because I think that would be funny to see them together again onscreen), Ryan Phillipe, and some guy named Breckin Meyer (hope I spelled the name right) whoever that is cus I don't know him and personally, if I haven't heard of him I don't think he would make a good opening scene biter. I also know some key points to the plot, but never take anyone who claims they've read the script seriously, because the script is being kept SOOO top secret that nobody but Wes and the crew, not the cast but key people on the crew, have read it. I do know that Sidney moves to Hollywood to pursue an acting career and becomes the assistant to a film star who's starring in Stab 2. In the process of filming, the murders begin but the show must still go on so they don't delay filming (our main star is dead?!? So what?!? We have a time schedule to run on here!!) and Gale Weathers is now retired from reporting and currently hosts her own TV talk show. Dewey isn't a cop in this one, instead he's trying to become a police officer with the LAPD but they won't let him due to injuries (I heard that he now has to walk with a cane). Neil Prescott isn't in this one, just like he wasn't in Scream 2, but I heard there's a cameo by the man who played Billy's father... it's probably just some shot of him on TV being interviewed. Also, Sid's new best friend isn't really her best friend cus Sidney is more distant in this one, she's trying to make new friends while at the same time trying to stay away from people cus everyone she loves meets a tragic end. She does not have a boyfriend but she does have a guy who's more than interested in her. This guy is kind of a sweet yet seedy character though according to my friend. But back to the best friend, I've heard the best friend is more like Tatum than Hallie (which is good because Hallie had ZERO personality) and is an aspiring actress who does shampoo or soap commercial actress (I don't remember which or if I even have it right.. I just know she does commercials for a specific product) and she's very peppy, the kind I think would kick some ass, and I think that's the character Kate Hudson signed on to play. Also, Charisma Carpenter will not be doing Scream 3 due to time and schedule problems, she's VERY busy filming the new series Angel. But I do know some names that my friend said they're looking at.. Julie Benz from Jawbreaker , Marisa Coughlin from Wasteland and Teaching Mrs. Tingle , Sarah Polley from Go , Josh Hartnett from H20 and The Faculty, and Lukas Haas from Mars Attacks . That's all I know for now and I will keep you posted when I find out more. "

[ Forced on us by an ambiguously competent source. But we did receive some nice scented soaps as a bonus. ]

July 6, 1999... We've been scooped (from an unknown scooper, we must add) that five stars have been cast in Scream 3 . Although these young actors remain presently unannounced, our source insists they are indeed part of the show.

Among the new additions are Scott Foley ( Felicity ); Matt Keeslar ( The Last Days of Disco ); Alyson Hannigan ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer , American Pie ); Sarah Polley ( Go ); and Jonathan Jackson ( The Deep End of the Ocean ) as a spoiled brat child star. The current rumor our scooper overheard has ( POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING ) Jackson's character getting sliced up during the ritual Casey Becker copycat phone sequence, but this time it takes place a half-hour into the film (although our scooper remains unconvinced that this is indeed Jackson's fate.)

Also scooped to us was the news Kate Winslet has dropped out of the running for a part in the film because she's just committed to do another film. The scooper also insists that there'll be a cameo from Liev Schreiber (Cotton Weary from the first two Scream s) and either a cameo or full role going to Ben's younger bro, Casey Affleck. [ Deeply anonymous. ]

July 10, 1999... It has reportedly been announced that in addition to the addition... (I feel like Austin Powers here) of of Scott Foley, among others, to the cast, Eliza Dushku ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer 's "Faith"), Kate Hudson and Ethan Erricson will be doing something on the set. And we can only assume it's not setting up lights. [ This news, along with a new theory of evolution, comes from the "Man Who Hides In Shadows". ]

We've also learned that some extras in the Vancouver area have been cast in a "nude shower scene" for the feature, which is filming in the area. We would try and get some photos but apparently the very nature of a restraining order prevents it.

July 20, 1999... Today we got a killer scoop (pun intended) that seems to partially shatter the veil of secrecy surrounding the set of Scream 3 . Our latest scooper has submitted material to us before and now returns to share with us the intel they've uncovered.

For reasons that will be explained later on, we've decided to keep some of our scooper's information secret for the moment. Our scooper knows why we're not sharing with you all the reasons why this person knows what they know, mainly because we want to ensure they won't get fired off of the production.

Here's some of the details our screaming source told us:

The cast is not yet complete. Our scooper has been told it's about 70% complete. Pop singer Monica has indeed expressed an interest in appearing in a cameo. Emily Mortimer (recently seen in Notting Hill ) has been cast, and her work on Scream 3 marks her first job in an American production. Lance Henriksen ( Millennium ) has also been cast, and our source reveals Henriksen is playing a " detective in more of a cameo role. " Our scooper is unsure as to what role former '80s teen hearthrob Patrick Dempsey plays. Paul Walker ( She's All That , Varsity Blues ) is also in there, and it's possible Tara Reid ( American Pie , Urban Legend ) just came on-board. The reason why Shannen Doherty ( Charmed ) is now the main front-runner for the recognizable actress who gets offed in the film's traditional opening scene is simply due to Kate Winslet deciding to drop out of the running. Presently Doherty is the production's top choice for the celeb death scene.

One of the big items of news from our source is the production's attempts to get veteran scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis ( Halloween: H20 ) to do a cameo playing Ms. Loomis' mom (Debbie Salt, if you recall in Scream 2 in the movie-within-the-movie version of Stab 2 ! Now comes the info on certain scenes in Scream 3 ...and for that we're issuing a SPOILER WARNING .

Jonathan Jackson's character dies during a phone death scene. Jackson portrays Kate Hudson's spoiled child actor brother " who is home alone at the wrong place at the wrong time when the phone rings, " our source reveals. " I originally thought the rumor was that the opening scene's victim got hung from the H in the HOLLYWOOD sign but apparently it's Jonathan Jackson. I heard that he puts up a hell of a fight though, kicking the killer's ass way better then Drew Barrymore or Sarah Michelle Gellar ever could (they probably made him fight back more due to the fact that he's a guy and guys are 'supposed' to be tougher then girls. "

Our source then said Liev Schreiber has agreed to do a cameo, this time appearing on Gale Weathers' TV talk show promoting a phone line he's on. Wes Craven will also do a cameo for the third picture too, appearing on Gale's talk show. Apparently the third Scream pokes a lot of its fun at Hollywood's latest craze of teenage slasher genre movies. In what may wind up being the second scene of the film, Neve Campbell and Kate Hudson are sitting around their apartment watching I Still Know What You Did Last Summer on video and Sydney starts trashing Jennifer Love Hewett. " Apparently the joke isn't really about Jennifer Love Hewitt really, it's more about the movie, where Sid calls it 'I Still Know What Your Breasts Did Last Summer' and then Kate blasts her spin off TV series called 'Time Of Your Life' (a series which has yet to air) and says she was better off on 'PO5' where at least they allowed her to wear clothes, " says our scooper.

There's also a brief moment when Halloween: H20 plays a small part in the movie. During the same scene outlined above, Kate Hudson's character suggests they watch that moviem which prompts Sidney to asks if that movie was written by "what's his name." Kate's character says no, he only wrote the treatment, and then adds she auditioned for it but didn't get the role she was after. Wow, Williamson's poking fun at himself too!

Last but not by any means least, our source offers up this final bit of wisdom about who they think the real killer(s) are in Scream 3 : " The killer hasn't been announced to anyone in the cast and only Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson, and Ehren Kruger know who it is... my money says it's Gary Coleman paying everyone back for those out of work actor jokes and Mayim Bialik, better known as Blossom, killing off everyong who has a perfect nose that she can chop off and add to her collection, but hey, maybe that's just my opinion. "

[ Our grateful thanks to our anonymous Ghostface for keeping us in the know once more. Don't let them catch you! ]

August 8, 1999... Coming Attractions has been receiving dozens upon dozens of so-called 'scoops' concerning this production for months. While some of these have been fans commenting on the production or news bytes from other media sources, some scoopers have been us 'exclusive' behind-the-scenes information...that can't be proven, of course.

So let's share one of the more interesting scoops we've received. We can't claim it's legit but after reading it over, if is is legitimate then it gives away MAJOR SPOILERS . Swipe if you dare read the possible start of the film...and who is the person who dies.

" Okay, don't believe all you read here. Dimension Films sends fake rumors. LOTS. I know because one of my best friends is one of the guys who do it. He works in the Dimension Films offices, and he has some friends in set too. Sorry if I write anything bad, but it's because I'm from Mexico, and I'm already learning English.

" SCREAM 3 takes place two years after SCREAM 2 . They're filming 'STAB 3, RETURN TO WOODSBORO', which is actually a prequel about Cotton Weary (STAB 2 was a huge failure) Cotton wrote a book telling his story (In the beginning Cotton was the Loomis' gardener) and the movie is based on it. Liev will be in the movie in just a brief cameo, although longer than in SCREAM .

"The first death WON'T be Shannen Doherty; unfortunately it WILL BE SIDNEY (Already filmed) IT'S THE BIGGEST SECRET and there are not much details about it. The news about her thinking in suicide are right, we will be able to see scars in her wrists. The footage of STAB 2 was filmed last 15th and 16th of July. Yes, before her death, Sidney is home alone, zapping and then she sees that STAB 2 is being showed on TV. The scene is her confrontation with Mrs. Loomis… she's played by Shannen Doherty and JAMIE LEE CURTIS plays Mrs. Loomis !!!! Yes, They are in the movie too, but I think that it's their only appearance in the movie. Then Sidney jokes saying that just BEVERLY HILLS 90210 actresses play her…'Who will be the next, Tiffany Amber Thiesen? Nah, she's too overweight' and then she says that Jamie Lee Curtis is the only good thing in 'this shit'. Then she receives a phone call…and what happens next was filmed just with Wes Craven, Erhen Kruger, Neve Campbell, a guy from the Make Up department and two cameramen in the set. TOP-SECRET.

"The movie is ALL ABOUT GALE. Now she's married with Dewey (The wedding picture is gonna be the true picture of David and Courteney's wedding). GALE IS TWO MONTHS PREGNANT, YES. I was shocked when I heard that, but ITS TRUE. They are happy together and she has her own talk show. There are going to be some celebrity cameos in her show, such as JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT WHO IS CONFIRMED, promoting the movie I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID SOME SUMMERS AGO, the 4th or 5th part of the I know series. (Jennifer says in the movie that she doesn't remember which number is it) Dewey is not in a wheels chair, it's another fake rumor. Of course he has some damages, but he's able to walk and talk. I don't know much about his character; all I know is that the movie is Gale, Gale and more Gale. I love it, cause I love Courteney Cox.

"Parker Posey plays the actress who plays Gale Weathers in STAB 3. She's one of those bitchy famous actresses, and she is angry because her role in the third part is much shorter than in the first two. She will try to conquest the actor who plays Cotton in the movie, Matt Keeslar, but HE'S GAY…and he will be one of the first deaths (after half an hour in the movie). The scene is already filmed… all I know is that it's very gory, and that Parker will discover his corpse. Alyson Hannigan is in the movie too, being Gale's assistant. Kate Hudson has one of the main roles, being Sidney's best friend (After Sidney's death, she will help Gale and Dewey to catch the killer). SCOTT FOLEY is her boyfriend in the movie, and he plays a music video director who has a huge secret…something about his RELATIVES IN WOODSBORO (It's a bit suspicious, isn't it?) I've heard he will be directing a music video for a music band called CREED (I've heard they're talking to their manager to have them in the movie soundtrack too). Glenn Quinn (TV show Roseanne) plays the young and inexperienced actor who plays Dewey in STAB 3, and surprisingly he's really similar to David Arquette.

"Although there are not jokes about Love Hewitt, there are some about Brandy…the pop singer Monica has a cameo parodying her. Drew Barrymore will have a cameo too, she will be the last face seen in SCREAM 3, closing the trilogy with the same face that started it all. HEATHER LOCKLEAR has a cameo too (She was in the set last 31st). Seth Green has another cameo playing young Randy in STAB 3. I've heard that James Van Der Beek was in the set two weeks ago with Kevin Williamson …I bet he got a cameo too. Many cameos are already kept secretly. YES, THERE ARE LOTS MORE. Heather Graham, Ben Affleck, Alicia Silverstone or Kate Winslet WON'T be in the movie. The guy of the WWF, neither.

"Another scene filmed is one in Gale's show (filmed last 31st), when she sees the killer between the crowd. The friend of mine was betwen the extras and he says it was terrific. She's interviewing Heather Locklear (really bitchy in the reality) and suddenly sees the killer. As it's a live show she can't stop, and try to go on with the interview but she's really nervous, sweats and her heart beats like mad, and she finally can take a break. Then the killer is gone. Dewey is in backstage and tries to calm her, because they don't know about Sidney's death yet, and he thinks that it has been a hallucination.

"Kevin Williamson has been in the set some days. The last time was two weeks ago and my friend told me that he and Ehren are really good friends. Erhen Kruger is there all the time with Wes Craven. Neve Campbell isn't in the set since last month.

"I've been told also that SCREAM 3 is going to be funnier than the other two, I mean, there are more jokes and references about other movies and actors because it's located in Hollywood. It's going to have less deaths although more dramatic.

"Well, I think it's all I know. Please, follow my advice and as if it were a scary movie, DON'T TRUST ANYONE. There are thousands of fake rumors around there…and I'm afraid that there's much to come.


[ 'K' wore a black robe and mask while typing this e-mail. ]

August 16, 1999... Here's the first released picture from Scream 3 showing us Parker Posey, Courtney Cox and David Arquette looking scared about the box office receipts from The Blair Witch Project . OK, so maybe they're not scared of that in particular, but Entertainment Weekly managed to be the one who nabbed the first still from the upcoming sequel. [ Thanks for the scan sent in by 'AMCDave'; originally appeared in Entertainment Weekly. ]

August 17, 1999... Dimension Films released information about this project, and we've added the producers they specified. We also added two new cast members based on their informaton, Scott Foley (from TV's Felicity ) and Matt Keeslar ( Last Days of Disco ). An interesting note--if there was ever any doubt that Williamson was not involved in the writing process beyond story, know this: Dimension lists Kruger alone. [ Information provided by Dimension; reported by Widgett. ]

September 20, 1999... Thomas Chau, the ever-vigilant editor of Cinema Confidential has told us about a story of note to this page that appeared in the pages of a recent People magazine. The person in question was Carrie Fisher, actress/screenwriter best known for playing Princess Leia in the original Star Wars movies. " I'm going to do a day's work on Scream 3 , but that's all I can handle, a day's work, " Fisher said about her latest work assignment. Yeah, we know how you feel Carrie; acting's a rough gig. [ Thanks to our hombre Thomas over at CineCon for perusing the magazine. ]

September 26, 1999... In his column, Jeffrey Wells broke the rumor that there'll be a sneak cameo from two fan favorites characters that have appeared in Kevin Smith's films, Jay and Silent Bob. That's what Wells said, and it seems to make sense with what Smith himself has hinted at on his web site. " Kevin reported on the View Askew web board that he was just in LA on some undisclosed business and commented on how we 'won't believe where Jay and Silent Bob pop up next', " said scooper 'Chiusano'. " It certainly seems to gel. " [ Passed along the grapevine by Jonas S. Madsen, 'Shrimpy' and, of course, 'Chiusano'. ]

And while he didn't comment on the Jay and Silent Bob rumors, Scream director Wes Craven acknowledged today on his official web site that the release date of the picture has been pushed back until February 4, 2000 " due to the crowded slate of December - when it seems everybody and his brother is releasing a big film, " Craven said.

November 2, 1999... We received a e-mail from a scooper who claims to know which character is the infamous "opening victim" in Scream 3 . This information has also been mentioned by another scooper. Is it accurate? We don't know, but we're presenting it to you with a possible HEAVY spoiler warning accompaning it.

(Swipe with cursor to reveal possible spoiler: According to these two scoopers, the opening victim is none other that Maureen Prescott (Sydney's Mom) in a flashback sequence. Another scooper said the actress playing Maureen Prescott is Jamie Lee Curtis. Again, none of this information is confirmed, so take it with a heavy lick of salt. [ Submitted by 'Skye' and anonymous. ]

Yet another scooper has sent us what appears to be two script fragments from Scream 3 . Again, we have no idea if this really is taken from the actual movie script or if it's the imagination of some rabid Scream fan trying to pull a fast one on us. One "fact" mentioned in the mystery script pieces is that Sydney is ( possible SPOILER! ) taking valium to combat her depression and living in a secluded mountain cabin . [ From an anonymous writer. ]

November 25, 1999... According to the Scream Trilogy website, actress Kelly Rutherford has a part that's only seen for the film's first ten minutes, which likely means she's one, if not the only, Ghostface victim at the start of the picture. After all, all of Rutherford's scenes in the recently released Scream 3 trailer show her in the same dress... [ 'FilmDude' and 'Chachi' surmised the worst happens to poor Kelly. ]

December 31, 1999... Yup, it's official: Jaime Kennedy, who played Randy in the first two Scream movies, will have a cameo in Scream 3 . According to the webmaster for the Official Jaime Kennedy website , " Yes, Jamie does have a cameo in Scream 3 , whether it is as Randy or not, I don't know. I guess we'll all have to wait and see until Feb. 2000 when Scream 3 is released. "

Our latest scooper, 'MorbidMuch' (webmaster of the Scream Trilogy website) has two theories about what Kennedy's cameo may be. " It could be just a walk on (like Matthew Lillard's in Scream 2 ) or it could be the most rumored cameo. That Sidney discovers a tape, from Randy explaining the rules of a trilogy. One of those 'If you are watching this I am dead' videos. " That actually would be pretty ingenious if it's true. [ 'MorbidMuch' sent us the latest; with material that originally appeared on the Official Jaime Kennedy website. ]

January 25, 2000... If you have a sharp eye you would have noticed that Randy (played by Jamie Kennedy) returns! OK, so he's still dead, but he's seen in a videotaped message to Sydney whereby he explains the rules of a trilogy -- and all rules are off! [ Screamed by a zillion fans who've seen the latest commercial. ]

We've also received a package from someone who claims it's nothing other than the opening pages of the screenplay before it received any re-writes. We're going to investigate the scooper's claims a bit further before making a decision about posting it or not.

January 31, 2000... Did Miramax hold secret screenings of Scream 3 last Friday across the nation? Although the scooper seems to think the Internet would be buzzing with news of this event, as of late Sunday evening none of the major Internet movie sites have run stories about it taking place except for The Scream Trilogy and Cinema Confidential websites. As far as circumstantial evidence, this leads us to believe that the screenings did take place -- and that makes what our next scooper has to say even bigger.

That's why were issuing a potential MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING before you decide to proceed ahead and read 'Fulton's review of the film. If this is a legitmate advance review of Scream 3 , and it's starting to appear that is is, then this review blows the top off of which cast members live and die in the picture. While 'Fulton's review doesn't reveal who's wearing the Ghostface mask, it also does mention very significant plot points in the film. We'll know before the end of the week if we've been lied to or not, but when you take the additional reports received at the other two websites, we're beginning to believe this review is genuine and authentic.

" Hey, I'm sure since Friday's screening of L.A. you've been getting stacks of reviews but I thought I'd send one anyways. Last Friday Miramax held a screening of Scream 3 (they charged $15.75 a ticket and made us sign forms saying we wouldn't go telling the internet any of the big plot points..hehe) and I was in attendance so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you. This film is much better then it's predecessor Scream 2 , but I'm not quite sure if it's reached Scream status. It's alot scarier then Scream with more frightening sequences but this film didn't have what Scream had: originality we hadn't seen before.


"Since we've already seen Scream and Scream 2 we know what to expect whereas we didn't with the first. This film starts out with a prominent young actress and actor filming a scene (the opening for Stab 3) only to be murdered after roughly 12 minutes. I'm not supposed to say who these people are (although you DO NOT have them listed as a cast member...) I can give some hints. She is of course a WB star and is on a certain show that airs AFTER Dawson's Creek. The guy, which I doubt anyone cares about, is from that film The Other Sister , he plays Juliette Lewis's mentally challenged boyfriend. From there the movie kicks into high gear. Sidney lives in Northern California (not Woodsboro.. they never mentioned the town) with her father (yes, he's in the movie for all of 2 minutes) when she hears about the murder on the Stab 3 set, Stab 3 being the new movie they are filming at Sunrise Studios, headed up by some guy named Milon or Milter, and he's played by that guy from the old show Millennium. Stab 3 is similar to Wes Craven's New Nightmare in which it's about murders on the set of Stab 3. Confusing, I know. It took me a few minutes to let it sink in. Upon hearing of the murders, Sidney whisks away to Hollywood, where she finds herself smack dab in the middle of chaos again. Then we meet Deputy Dewey and Gale Weathers. Gale has an Entertainment Tonight show that's called something like Total Entertainment and her cameraman is played by that guy from Seinfeld, a big guy that has nothing much to do with the movie. Dewey on the other hand has shacked up with an actress named Natalie Hannigan (Parker Posey), who stars on the TV show Little Spielbergs. She portrays Gale Weathers in the movie within the movie and she's trying to recreate herself as Gale. In full, she's obsessed with her part in the movie and is only using Dewey to get the information. A woman named Helen Johnson portrays Sidney, and she's a lucky contest winner who was picked by an agency to play Sidney after a radio call in contest. Tori Spelling isn't playing Sidney because of time constraints and a guy named Tom Prince is playing Dewey.

"So anyways, they're all in there and they're all dealing with all kinds of issues when the movie goes full throttle and the body count racks up. Amongst the victims are Cotton Weary (Liev Schreiber), Sarah Darling (Jenny McCarthy-- the killer really has a thing against her because he attacks her 2 times before finally succeeding in killing her), Kristen (not sure of her name but she's that girl off of Melrose Place. She plays one of the Stab 3 make up artists and she's dating Cotton), Roman Bridger (Scott Foley-- who does a crappy job of playing an egotistical director...the boy has NO EMOTIONS in this movie whatsoever), I forget his name but he's the only black guy in the movie (he plays the props manager who jokingly plays around with Ghostface and ends up getting it), Patrick Dempsey (he plays a detective who's a little too close to the case), Heather Matarazzo who plays the younger version of Sidney in Stab 3, and a couple more (many of them die at once in a crucial scene at the end that involves an explosion of one of the sets) but I don't wanna give too much away. It might be easy for some people to pick out the killers from the survivors who are left but there's 3 killers this time and they sickeningly joke about how since it's the third time, they needed 3.

"I heard reports that Scream 3 was being toned down but it was alot more violent and scary then the second Scream . Overall, it was a really good movie, although I did miss Kevin Williamson's touch. Oh, and Sidney does not have a boyfriend or a best friend in this movie and Randy's cameo is a suspenseful part in the movie because it happens after something happens to a certain heroine in this movie and she doesn't ever get to watch the video). I give this movie 3 1/2 stars out of 4 and I highly recomment it to anyone who wants to throw reality away and have a good time. I'll probably be seeing it again.



[ 'Fulton' hung up and never called us back. ]

If there's others who attended these secret screenings, drop us a line. We'd love to know the details behind it.

February 3, 2000... 'The Bishop' is in the house with his review of Scream 3 -- and it's now evened out our for and against tally for the film at one a piece.

Here's what the Bish had to say about why he didn't enjoy Scream 3 -- a mild spoiler warning is issued:

" I would have to consider the original SCREAM (1996) to one of the worst films of the 1990's. It's smug, post-modern take on slasher films was both unpleasant and pretentious. Oddly, the thrown together SCREAM 2 (1997, less than a year after the original!), dropped the sarcasm after about 15 minutes and was a noteworthy example of what the genre can do. Now two years later comes the final installment of the Wes Craven trilogy. With a new writer (Ehren Kruger, the upcoming REINDEER GAMES ), and the opportunity to end it all with one big bang, SCREAM 3 comes up unfortunately short.

"Some years after the events of SCREAM 2 , Sidney Prescott lives a reclusive life in the foothills of California. Fearing public life after her violence-plagued past, she's taken employment assisting violence victims through a phone helpline. In Hollywood, production has begun on STAB 3, the fictional continuation of Sidney's life story. But something sinister is happening (this is SCREAM after all), the cast is being murdered one by one by the infamous killer in the black robes and the long face - and he only wants to get to Sidney to finish the job. Returning for the slaughter from the first two films are Courteney Cox Arquette, David Arquette, and Neve Campbell. The new cast includes Parker Posey, Patrick Dempsey, Lance Henriksen, and Jenny McCarthy.

"Directed by returning helmer Wes Craven, the famous horror director leads this latest SCREAM odyssey through the motions just like the others. The main problem with SCREAM 3 is that the genre has been sucked dry by knockoffs in the four years since the first installment. The novelty has worn off. Nothing particularly new happens in 3, but then nothing new happened in 2 either. SCREAM 2 was performed and directed with energy. It moved too fast to be fully dismissed. SCREAM 3 is more concerned with completing the befuddling story arc that allegedly started in the first film, thus rendering the action slow and the murder scenes without much flavor. Craven hurts the film even more with an overtly exaggerated climax that ends with the revelation of the killer - a revelation that will have you rolling your eyes and scratching your head. I wouldn't dare give it away, but I can safely say that the identity is a real stretch in logic and leaves a bad aftertaste.

"I cannot believe I'm writing this, but SCREAM 3 is sorely missing Jamie Kennedy as filmgeek Randy. An utter annoyance in part 1, Kennedy was welcome comic relief in part 2. Although he cameos briefly in part 3, his vibrant personality is noticeably missing. There is nary a laugh in SCREAM 3 , mostly due to most of the comic baggage placed on Parker Posey's shoulders. She's just not funny and her demeanor suggests that she wants to be anywhere else but in this film. Also missing is Kevin Williamson's screenwriting. While not an endorsement of this hack, these are his characters and he knows them best. Mr. Kruger cannot seem to find their respective voices. It's a treat to see Cox Arquette and Arquette back in their best screen roles, but Kruger doesn't understand their appeal. They're both left floundering with lousy dialog. Neve Campbell is practically left with nothing to do but hang around the fringes of the film and wait for the climax to happen. Williamson would've at least written something more befitting the characters.

" SCREAM 3 is a minor letdown. I enjoyed watching the mayhem for a time, then that ugly feeling that SCREAM 3 was more of a financial decision than an artistic one sinks in. I give it 4 out of 10.


[ Reviewed submitted by The Bishop Don "Mack" Donald. ]

February 4, 2000... With the movie opening in wide release today (3,467 screens, it's a record), we're getting more reviews of the film, such as Eric Lurio's latest...

" Reviews of horror sequels are generally are generally of two types, the one where the critic has seen the series and the one where he or she hasn't and has to look at it new eyes. This is one of the first.

"Wes Craven's original Scream was something new. A self aware horror flick with both real laughs and real screams. Sure it was manipulative, but it had some great acting and a Kevin Williamson's script was a dead on parody of pretty much everything that had been going on with the genre for the previous decade or so. The sequel was more of the same, but had a bigger cultural bite.

"For the third, and one might hope, final installment, Williamson has bailed out, and his replacement, Ehren Kruger, has decided to play inside baseball. This is a movie about Hollywood clich├ęs as it is buckets of blood.

"This time out, one of the regulars gets it first. Except for the unfortunate Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell), everyone who survived the previous episode is now in showbiz. Cotton Weary (Liev Schreiber) has a true crime show called '100% Cotton' and is doing a cameo in 'Stab 3' the sequel to the movie-within-a-movie featured in number two. Also on the project is former Deputy Dewey (David Arquette), who is now a technical advisor. Gale Weathers(Courteney Cox), is hosting 'Total Entertainment.' Randy Perkins (Jamie Kennedy) is still dead, but shows up on videotape to explain the finer plot points.

"So Cotten gets a phone call from a pretty woman's voice on the freeway only to discover that it's really ol' Ghostface (voice of Roger L. Jackson, body of someone else) and our villain is going to off his girlfriend( Kelly Rutherford). It's traditional by now that the first person to get it has a nice solo turn. It's sort of like James Bond films.

"Then Ghostie goes to set of the film. We can be pretty sure that almost everyone is going to get it, the question is who. Before getting bumped off, many of the minor characters are each given a chance to shine. Jenny McCarthy does a really funny bit before you know what, as Parker Posey is at her best as Jennifer, who is playing Gale even when she's not supposed to. Patrick Dempsey, Matt Keeslar, Emily Mortimer, and Deon Richmond all have a nice time as actors in the movie-within-a-movie, and Scott Foley and Lance Henriksen have a time of it chewing the scenery as the director and producer respectively.

"The problem is that Campbell's Sydney just sits around for much of the film with little to do. The plot doesn't work as well as it should, but for the most part, it doesn't really matter all that much. It's a slasher flick after all, and as such acquits itself rather well. But before going to see it, one should study up by renting the other two. Three out of four stars.


[ Reviewed by Eric Lurio. ]

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