Scream 2 Reviews

"His premise this time is that violence is quickly translated into marketable form by the media; since he is doing that very thing in "Scream 2,'' there are ironies within ironies here."

"Director Wes Craven, screenwriter Kevin Williamson, and a yum-yum cast of pretties pull off the neat trick of affectionately counting the many ways available to horror sequels to suck, without making a sequel that sucks."

"Without ever getting heavy-handed, the film touches all the violence-in-the-media bases and classily chooses as its main film clip the silent 'Nosferatu' by F. W. Murnau to counterpoint a coed killing." 

Jay Carr, The Boston Globe

"Even if you haven't spent as much obsessive time at the video store as these guys have, you might enjoy helping 'Scream 2' laugh all the way to the bank."

"As clever, witty and adroit as the filmmakers are in covering their bases they cannot dispel the feeling that their sequel is not as good as their original, even though it abounds in confident stylistic and technical flourishes that are the result of Craven's long experience as a horrormeister."

"And frankly, the filmmakers don't even follow their own rule about sequels — the killings are more gruesome but less scary than those in the original."

"Scream 2 isn't nearly as fresh, suspenseful or witty as the first, but it's still bloody good fun."