Scream 2 Cut Scenes

Unlike Scream, the MPAA didn't give "Scream 2" a hard time about blood and gore. The MPAA ordered no cuts to "Scream 2". However, because of time restraints, some things had to be cut. Here is a list of the missing scenes...
  • In the first trailer, Randy Meeks gives one more rule to a horror movie: "Never assume that the killer is dead."
  • In the scene when Mickey explains that the girl was stabbed "seven times" Hallie responds, "Ouch." (picture 1)
  • CiCi Cooper has at least one more scene before she is killed. She talks to Lois and Murphy and the other sorority girls. But about what? (picture 2)
  • Who the hell is this guy? It looks like he is on the "Cassandra" set to me. (picture 3)
    • This is actually from the deleted classroom scene where the students talk about sequels. It originally took place in a classroom auditorium (and a different actor played the teacher).