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Wrongly Accused: The Maureen Prescott Murder
This gripping account of a real-life murder mystery and the ensuing trial held onto the top of the Bestseller list for nearly three weeks. Read about the tragic slaughter of Maureen Prescott and her daughter Sidney's vengeful mission to convict her mother's lover, Cotton Weary. Using the latest techniques of investigative journalism, Ms. Weathers' detailed book was a key tool in Mr. Weary's exoneration.

"Weathers' book is as thorough as she is attractive."
- Rex Horton, New York Book Guardian.

The Woodsboro Murders 1996
Gale Weathers' second novel details the murderous plot of two angry teenagers determined to murder Sidney Prescott and her innocent friends. In a bizarre turn of events, the author herself became not only a target of the killers, but a hero. Ms. Weathers' book became the Sunrise Studios hit movie Stab.

"Ms. Weathers is the hurricane of investigative journalists."
- Mary Marks, National Book Guide.

The Windsor College Murders 1997
Ms. Weathers is once again in the eye of a dangerous storm and emerges a hero. This time, murder follows Sidney Prescott to college, where Ms. Weathers is covering a story on the copycat murders of two students during a screening of the hit slasher film. Read how Gale singlehandedly brought the killers to justice in this exciting novel that became the hit movie Stab 2.

"Gale is the Wonder Woman of journalism! God bless her!"
- Mark Anderson, Bible Belt Review of Books.


Roman Bridger, director

is the most recent of a crop of acclaimed music video directors to make the jump to feature films. Following the likes of David Fincher, Spike Jonze, Hype Williams, and others, Roman will bow with the latest segment in Sunrise Studios Stab series. Stab 3 promises to be a tour de force ride into horror with Mr. Bridger at the helm. Because of his cult following on MTV, many feel that Roman defines hip, cool and edgy within the wonderful world of popular culture. Whether putting rapper Eminime in a polar bear suit on a New York City street or dropping Jewel into the Sahara desert, this director is always breaking trends and cutting edges. I sat down with the flirtatious Mr. Bridger in his suite at the Beverly Hills Meridian to talk to him about styles, love, and, of course, Stab 3.

G: Well, Roman, you are hot, hot, hot!

RB: That's very nice, Gale, thank you. (Pause) You're not so bad yourself.

G: Total Entertainment is running strong and I just had a make over with relaxation queen Annie DiNewsee. Enough about me, tell us how Stab came about for you.

Well, my agent, Beverly Choi, is good friends with super producer John Milton and she heard that he was looking for someone fresh to direct this picture. Beverly sold him on me with my reel and he, in turn, sold Sunrise on my skills. It's just been a whirlwind to be honest with you.

G: How is your vision going to vary from Jerry Rapp's vision of the trilogy?

RB: First, let me say that no one will be able to replace or one-up Jerry. I grew up on him and he is the king of horror. I'm just glad that I have the honor of following in his footsteps. It's really such a shame that we can't communicate about Stab 3 because I'd love to hear his input on the flick. In terms of me, I feel that I bring urban smarts and cutting edge energy to all of my projects. I think that overall my kinetic camera work will really add to the series. I'm looking forward to putting my fingerprint on the picture.

G: That sounds so exciting... What's going on in your love life right now?

RB: Nothing serious. I'm casually dating a couple ladies at the moment. You know, Gale, I'm really saving myself for you.

G: I try not to date directors, too many casting couch temptations. Seriously though, give me the dish on Stab 3. Who's slated to star in it?

RB: Gale, I wish I could say, but Master Milton has sworn all of us to secrecy on everything. I will only say that the script gives the film the shot to be the best one yet.

G: Tell me about the projects that you have lined up after this film?

RB: I have a two-picture deal with Sunrise so I'm hoping to get my Hip-Hop musical Calling All Homies off the ground there. It's actually a wonderful story about a down on his luck plumber who finds his shinning star in the rap game. It was written by my personal favorite rapper O'Sell'Ya.

G: Sounds phat, Roman.

RB: Oh, it's really phat. Then, I have a comedy in the works for Def Jam that will star Def Jef and, hopefully, SHAQ. I can only say that it's the Karate Kid of the hip-hop genre.

G: Any other music videos to look for?

RB: A sexy gem for Jennifer Lopez. She is so hot! Her fans will love it. Then, I'm kinda' hoping you'll make the transition to the mic, Gale. I could do your video. You'd be a real pleasure to work with.

G: You're reading my mind, director boy. I was just thinking that Gale Weathers could use a record. Maybe a pop album will be my next venture. It'd be a sure fire hit with you doing the first video.

RB: We'd be quite a duo.

G: Don't get too far ahead of yourself, Sonny.

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