A Note From Kevin Williamson

I've always loved scary movies. They're my favorite. As a kid, I used to watch them over and over. I love the roller-coaster ride they can bring. Unfortunately, as I got older, they stopped making them. Or at least the ones I wanted to see. So, being the determined, starving, out-of-work screenwriter that I was, I sat down and wrote the movie I wanted to see. And, thus, Scream was born.

I wanted to tell a story that was first and foremost frightening, but also funny with cool, hip characters. And, I wanted to pay homage to all those classic horror films I relished as a kid. What I never expected was to actually become a part of the genre itself.

I believe the Scream phenomenon is an example of pure magic. Very rarely do all the elements of filmmaking come together so beautifully. My script found its way to the right studio. To the brilliant Wes Craven. To the most amazing cast. And a host of other talented people. Everything just came together. Like magic.

Scream has truly changed my life. It has affected me in so many ways. Sitting in a theatre, listening to people scream and laugh, taking the roller-coaster ride is truly one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. Scream is the movie I wanted to see as a filmgoer. That's why I wrote it. And, I'm glad a few other people felt that way too.

So grab your remote, sit back, and enjoy. And, thank you for helping it become all that it is.

-Kevin Williamson, Writer/Creator