Jerry O'Connell Chats with Happy Horror Time

The latest episode of the Happy Horror Time podcast has Jerry O'Connell as a guest and he provides some pretty cool little tidbits about his time filming Scream 2.

It’s hard not to associate Jerry O’Connell with his role as young Vern in 1986’s “Stand by Me,” or as one of the current hosts of “The Talk.” But over the last four decades, he’s made quite an impression in horror. Tune in to hear stories about making so many memorable genre films — like playing Neve Campbell’s love interest in “Scream 2” and the reaction he got to that unforgettable singing scene, working with the Director of “Piranha 3D” on molding a certain appendage, and the horror films he (as a fan) truly loves.

Have a listen!

Listen to "Ep 184: Interview w/Jerry O’Connell from “Scream 2,” “Piranha 3D,” “Stand by Me,” and many more" on Spreaker.

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