Scream VI Slaughters, Scream 7 Inevitable

It's not every day that the sixth film in a slasher franchise conjures up a series-best opening weekend, but here we are. Scream VI has scared up a whopping $44 million in the U.S. in its opening days...and another $22 million internationally. That's over $66 million so far...on a budget of just $34 million (approx.). So with Scream VI doubling its budget in just a couple days, I think it's safe to presume that Scream 7 is inevitable at this point.

Rumors that Scream 7 has already been secretly green-lit continue to swirl and iron is red-hot at the moment. How long can they continue to afford Jenna Ortega or Jasmin Savoy Brown? The clock's ticking.

Regardless, the future of Scream is bright.

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