Review: Scream VI Is A Total Knockout

After a single viewing of Scream VI, here are my immediate thoughts and assessments regarding this "requel sequel." Minor spoilers...

The film picks up about a year after the events of Scream (2022). We find ourselves in New York City where a professor for twentieth-century slasher films awaits her online date, sitting alone at a bar. She is manipulated into going outside to help look for her date and lured into a dark alley. You can guess where it goes from here. But there's a twist: it's more of an extended opening as the blood-letting doesn't just stop there. We're treated to more carnage before finally getting our throwback Scream VI title card. Think of it as a slight twist to Scream 4's fake-out opening.

Chad, Tara, Mindy, Anika, and Sam.

We catch up with our core four at NY's Blackmore University, where Tara, Mindy, and Chad are attending. Sam tagged along as Tara's protector, which doesn't always sit well with Tara. We meet Mindy's new girlfriend Anika, Sam and Tara's roommate, Quinn, who is the daughter of Detective Bailey, Chad's new friend and roommate Ethan, and Danny, Sam's secret boyfriend from across the alley.

Bailey, Tara, Ethan, Kirby, Mindy, Sam, and Chad.

Things seem to be on the up and up for the group until the Ghostface killings start back up. From there, the movie really hits the ground running and doesn't really let up. Setting the film in NYC really allowed Ghostface to be overly brazen and menacing, without regard for the people around. There's an excellent stalk-and-chase sequence that begins on a dimly lit sidewalk and ends under the bright fluorescents of the interior of a bodega.

Kirby, Mindy, Ethan, Sam, Tara, Chad, and Gale.

The killer has been leaving old Ghostface masks at the crime scenes, all of which can be linked via DNA to past killers (Jill, Charlie, Roman, etc.). Gale Weathers discovers where the masks are coming from, as she has tracked down a secret location that is housing many of the old evidence props from all the previous Ghostface killings: the "shrine," which is chocked full of really cool series Easter eggs.

Speaking of Gale, Courteney Cox delivers another amazing performance as the "money-hungry and fame-seeking" Gale Weathers. Going against her word, Gale did, in fact, write a book about the events of Scream (2022).

The kills this time around seem to be the most brutal they've ever been. I mean, there's only so much you can do with a knife, but the filmmakers seem to make the best out of it. Ghostface also racks up two new kills via shotgun and ladder fall.

Sam inside the shrine.

Chad's character has been getting a lot of praise lately, and rightfully so, but the person who is truly shining is Sam. Melissa Barrera is taking the reigns of this franchise and running with it. She's beginning to own and soak up every scene she's in and it's amazing to witness as a Scream fan.

Neve Campbell's absence is handled with care as Gale mentions, "Sidney deserves her happy ending." And that's really all that needs to be said...for now.

Mindy has now become a full-blown reincarnation of her uncle Randy. And I'm here for it. I was a little underwhelmed with some of Kirby's dialogue and delivery, but we can chalk that up to Hayden being out of the acting game for four years (and away from her character since 2011!). 

The killer reveals and the whole third act is stretched out this time around and didn't feel rushed at all. That was a nice change of pace and I liked it a lot. 


We finally got two Ghostfaces on screen at the same time! And it did not disappoint...especially the dual knife wipes. Ugh, so cool!

All in all, Scream VI is a total knockout from start to bloody finish. Diehard fans and casual moviegoers should all leave the theater highly entertained. I know I did. I loved it. But, I suppose I'm also a little biased. Oh well.

What did you think of Scream VI?

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