Craven Talks Cursed

Wes Craven final talks Cursed! Here's what he said:

"Director Wes Craven told SCI FI Wire that he expects to resume production in November on his werewolf film Cursed, which Dimension Films shut down after 11 weeks of shooting in order to fix the script. Screenwriter Kevin Williamson rewrote his own script to address problems. "The studio wasn't happy with the third act, which we were about to start shooting," Craven said in an interview."

"Craven added that the production shutdown and rewrite process has left him less than enthusiastic about the movie. "It's just been a matter of trying to get it done, so it's been a very long arduous process, and frankly I'm just sick of the process and want to go out and do something I can feel really good about," he said.

"Craven said that he originally planned to make a different film. "We started with me being offered to do a remake of a Japanese film called Pulse," he said. "The usual translation was sometimes called Circuit. It's by [Kiyoshi] Kurasawa. Five weeks before shooting, Dimension pulled the plug on it. And then for one reason or another, they made us an offer that we kind of had to accept to do this film Cursed."

"Cursed tells the story of a group of people who unite to fight a curse after they are attacked by a werewolf."

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