A Ghostface Mask From The Production Of Scream (2022)

I'm excited to share this amazing gift from my friend and fellow Scream superfan, Christian Obando, who worked on Scream 5. Earlier this year, I interviewed Christian here at Scream Thrillogy, where he was finally able to talk about the incredible experience he had working on the film and also shared a ton of his own personal photos taken during the production. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with the Scream fan community and thank you so much for this unbelievably cool gift! See below for a link to that interview.

What Christian sent me is one of the 25th anniversary sparkle shroud Ghostface mask samples from Fun World that were sent to set to be altered and used in the film, amongst other masks. This particular copy, as Christian notes on the very nice note that came with these items, hung in the Directors, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett's office during the whole shoot and he was able to keep it when the film wrapped. As many Scream memorabilia collectors know, not many masks from the production of Scream (2022) survived due to filming taking place in the middle of COVID, so I’m just so blown away to be able to own this particular copy. It is tagged with a plain cardboard tag, because it was a sample made before the first retail run found in stores and online. Christian also sent me two of his own personal script sides from the production, which are the daily schedule for what will be filmed as well as the script pages themselves that will filmed on any given day.  

Thanks again Christian! I feel very lucky to get to own such a cool little piece from a film I really love. 

Click here to read my interview with Christian from last year: 

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Scream (2022) Director's Assistant, Christian Obando

Ryan Hills

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