SCREAM 2 and the Mysterious Leaked Draft

Our good friend of the site, C.W. Schultz, is back with another installment of his Scream-related content on his YouTube channel. This time, he's talking Scream 2 and the leaked draft!

Wes Craven's 1997 sequel, "Scream 2", is celebrating its 25-year anniversary. However, the finished film, which is still considered a worthy follow-up to an undisputed classic, could've been a very different movie… Same characters, same setting, but different deaths and different killers. All this was changed due to a leak that occurred shortly after screenwriter Kevin Williamson submitted his draft of the script. The cause of the leak and the true draft continue to remain a mystery due to conflicting statements and a tight-lipped crew. Much like "Stab" is a film-within-a-film; the creation of "Scream 2", a whodunnit horror movie, is a mystery-within-a-mystery.

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