Scream 6 & 7 Not Planned, Says S5 Co-Writer James Vanderbilt

Despite what many thought, Scream (2022) was not meant to be a jumping-off point for a new trilogy. The film is an entire story in itself and not a 2-hour trailer for Scream 6.

Scream (2022) co-writer James Vanderbilt recently spoke with Screen Rant on the subject of a new trilogy:

James Vanderbilt: The way we approached it, and I've had this experience before in my career where I worked on movies before where people go, "Oh, it would be so exciting to plan out two and three! And we'll plant this," and then the movie comes out, and there is no sequel because it didn't work. So coming into this, we really looked at it as, "If we got to make one Scream film, what would we put if we only got one shot at it?" We want it to do everything we could in here and put it in here and make sure that, like Wes' films, it's a full meal from beginning to end. If the opportunity came along to make more, I think all of us would jump at the chance. This has just been an incredibly exciting experience and a wonderful experience. It really has been getting to make a movie with your friends, which is not almost ever the case. But we really did want this movie to stand on its own. We didn't want to make the two-hour trailer for Scream 6. We wanted to sort of take you on the journey, take you on the ride, re-introduce you to the people you love, have you meet some new characters along the way, and really enjoy going back to Woodsboro.

So despite a Scream 6 and a Scream 7 not being planned, it doesn't mean it can't/won't happen...time will tell.

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