New Scream (2022) Character Posters

A slew of new cast posters for Scream (2022) has been released...

Neve Campbell, "Sidney Prescott"

Courteney Cox, "Gale Weathers"

David Arquette, "Dewey Riley"

Jasmin Savoy Brown, "Mindy Meeks-Martin"

Jenna Ortega, "Tara Carpenter"

Sonia Ammar, "Liv McKenzie"

Melissa Barrera, "Sam Carpenter"

Mason Gooding, "Chad Meeks-Martin"

Jack Quaid, "Richie Kirsch"

Dylan Minnette, "Wes Hicks"

Mikey Madison, "Amber Freeman"

Marley Shelton, "Sheriff Judy Hicks"
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