Scream Collection Series: Trilogy Box Set

Meggy's back and dropping the goods! Check out her latest video showcasing the Scream trilogy DVD box set that was released in the early 2000s!

Hello, spooky pretties!

I hope you're ready to SCREAM and get down to slicing up my collection with me. Today we start off my collection series with the Ultimate trilogy DVD box set. This set includes the first 3 films plus a bonus disc and DVD-ROM filled with special features.

I personally have always loved this box set and not only was it what kicked off my Scream collection, but also my DVD and blu-ray collection. I have so many good memories associated with this set that I felt it necessary to be the first item appearing in my collection series.

Please let me know what you think of this set if you have one and share any good memories you have with it as well. Thanks for tuning in and catch me again next week!

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