David Arquette Talks Excitedly About Scream (2022)

David Arquette chatted with Yahoo! Movies UK recently about many things like growing up in Hollywood, acting, wrestling, and, of course, Scream (2022).

“I’ve been playing the character for nearly 25 years now, so there’s a part of it that’s just inside me. There’s a few things I always try to lean back on; in my head he’s a big Clint Eastwood fan because he’s a quintessential tough guy. I always do these moments where he tries to be Clint Eastwood and then something goes wrong and he gets flustered,” he smiles. “At the root of it, he’s got a really big heart and he’s very human. He’s a sweetheart.”

David then discusses making a Scream movie without Wes Craven...

“We all have a deep love for Wes so it was really important we all learned where Matt and Tyler were coming from. Wes inspired them to be filmmakers. They really did honour his work and I think they did a great job. We fell right back into it, and it felt elevated.”

And then he briefly touched on the Ghostface costume...

“There’s some great things about Ghost Face and his costume,” he teases.

“There’s more technological advances you can use now, and the fabric we have in this one is probably a little more advanced than the fabric they had when we first did it...” he smiles.

“I’m really excited for it - and for the fans.”

Not quite sure what to make of that, but oh well.

Source: Yahoo! Movies UK

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