Heather Graham Talks Stab, Returning in Scream (2022)

It's unclear whether the movie-within-a-movie Stab franchise is dead or not -- we saw it at a stand-still with Stab 7 -- but one thing is semi-clear: the original Stab should make an appearance in Scream (2022).

Huge thanks to HelloSidney.com (and Andrew) for the heads up.

Heather Graham, who plays Drew Barrymore's character "Casey" in Stab recently chatted with The A.V. Club about her career and they touched on Scream 2, and the new movie was brought up.

HG: You know, they’re making another one. I think it’s like Scream 5 or something.

AVC: Was your cameo as Drew Barrymore’s character in the Stab movie just a fun thing to show up and do quickly? You really resemble Drew Barrymore in that movie. Is that how that came about?

And Heather went on to reveal...

HG: I wish. Oh, gosh, that’s a compliment. I just think that movie was great. It was so scary, but also funny and irreverent. And it just seemed like a cool thing to do to get to work with some interesting people, like Wes Craven and all these actors I think are really talented.

It’s funny because they just sent me that clip because they’re using it in the new Scream. And I had to, I guess, approve it or allow them to use it. So I just rewatched it and I’m wearing that wig, kind of what Drew Barrymore’s hair was like, and I’m like, “Cute wig!” I want that wig now.

So, there's that.  The opening scene from Stab may be making an appearance either in the trailer for Scream (2022) or the final cut of the film.  Time will tell.

Source: The A.V. Club

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