Speculation: Deciphering Williamson's Twitter

Reading way too much into the little things is an internet standard, right? Okay, then...let's do just that!

Yesterday gave us the huge news that a fifth Scream film was happening with the directors of Ready or Not attached and the return of series creator Kevin Williamson in an Executive Producer role. Williamson has been pretty quiet on social media regarding all of this, except for one little detail.

Our good friend Carlos pointed something out to me: Williamson changed his Twitter bio.

It simply states: "Gone fishing."

Now, this can be interpreted in a plethora of ways. Is he taking a short hiatus? Is he actually going fishing? Or could he be hinting at something else?

It's been speculated that this new movie could be taking place somewhere else besides the sleepy town of Woodsboro. Could Williamson be hinting at a coastal setting? Something along the lines of Dawson's Creek or I Know What You Did Last Summer?

Perhaps. Or perhaps not. It's 100% speculation on our end. So lets have fun with it.

What do YOU think?
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