Scream's Infamous VHS Audio Glitch

Most Scream fans should be familiar with this by now, especially the older fans, but when Scream was released on home video (VHS) back in 1997, the tapes came with an audio glitch during the opening scene.

The glitch comes just after the killer asks Casey who the killer in Friday the 13th is, she responds, "Jason," and the killer corrects her, "Mrs. Voorhees was the original killer..." Only that's not what we heard.

What we heard was, "Mrs. Voorhees was the eeler..."

The eeler? The fuck? "Original" and "killer" merged to become "eeler."

It wasn't until years later while watching the DVD release that I heard the correct line. I always knew what the line was, but assumed it was a glitch on the audio master track (what a blunder that would've been).

Anyway, I've uploaded the glitch. Do you remember hearing this?

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