Help Find a Fan's Lost Mask!

Scream superfan John Gritton is on the hunt for a mask he sold many years ago. It was a special piece and "seller's regret" is very real in this case.

From John:
Okay, collectors, super Longshot here, but does anyone here happen to have this fantastic? It has blue thread stitching together the hood in the back. It was the first mask I ever bought in 97 after I saw the movie. I immediately hopped on my bike and rode downtown in my small town and bought it at the local novelty shop. It's the biggest case of sellers regret I've ever had in all my collecting. I would give anything to have it back... Anything...
 If you have any leads on the whereabouts of this unique Fantastic Faces mask, please contact us or John either through this site or social media.

The mask in question...

John Gritton's lost mask.

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