Neve Campbell talks Scream 5: "No one's called me"

Here are some more goodies from Mad Monster Party in which Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard, and Jamie Kennedy participated in a Scream cast panel.

During the panel, the three answered questions on what it was like working with Wes Craven, whether they knew if any sequels were actually planned and inevitably, Neve was asked about her feelings on Scream 4 and of course...Scream 5.

YouTube channel Popcorned Planet caught the magic for all of us...
Scream Cast Panel from Mad Monster Party 2020, with Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard and Jamie Kennedy, talking about working with Wes Craven, stories from the set, the state of Scream 5, and whether they would participate in a reboot. #Scream

The video above is cued up to the Scream 4 & 5 moments.

Neve on Scream 5...
I heard a rumor that it's happening, but no one's called me.
So here we are. Oh, and she enjoyed her time on Scream 4, so that's cool.
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