Jamie Kennedy talks Randy, new slasher Trick

Jamie Kennedy recently discussed his new horror flick Trick, which reunites him with Scream trilogy editor Patrick Lussier and Scream 2 co-star Omar Epps.

When asked how it feels to be back in the horror genre...
It feels great. They're always the most passionate fans and they're always the most grateful fans and it is a movie that I think will serve them. The movie is pretty graphic and gets right into it. That's what they like and I think that we're going to be onto something here.
And when asked about working with Omar Epps again...
That's one of the reasons I wanted to do it. Omar's such a great actor, such a strong presence and he's always been around, a presence in this business over the past 25 years. I thought he's a great lead and I just liked that his character is the anchor. I also got to play a part that's different for me, more of an adult with a little bit of a creepy vibe. People know me as Randy, and now I'm more of an adult. I thought that's interesting. And Patrick, if anyone's going to be able to do a movie like this, it's fun.
And how exactly does Jamie feel about Randy dying in Scream 2...
It's crazy how 2 is almost as good as 1. It's hard to say anything's better than 1, because it was the one that did it, put it on the map. 2 just holds up so well, it's so good and it's as good as a sequel can be. It doesn't fall off at all. For me, I love them both, it's hard for me to pick. But I love some of my monologues in 2, I love that Randy got to do a lot. But I hated that he died. It also made a huge impact. So even though I hate it, somebody had to die, it made it talked about that I did.
Read the full interview over at toofab.com.
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