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Meet Elise Neal at the Scream 2 screening

As you know, there's a screening of Scream 2 happening this April at Agnes Scott College (the filming location for Scream 2). And now, a new addition has been added to the festivities. Elise Neal, who played Sidney's best friend Hallie, will be attending the event and it will be her first-ever signing appearance.

So if you're on the fence about attending or not, then this should help sway you.

Grab your Windsor College OKB/OBZ tour tees now!

Are planning on attending the Scream 2 screening at Agnes Scott College in April? If so, you'll want to pick up one of On Set Cinema's Windsor College tees.

They're $20 each, but $25 each if you pick it up at the event and reserve your spot on the locations tour.

Shirts are available in either the Omega Beta Zeta Sorority or the Omega Kappa Beta Fraternity.

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