Enjoy a Weekend at Scene 118

Scream Comes Home, the Scream-related event of the decade, was a massive success this past October.  And now, for a handful of weekends in 2019, you can rent the house out and have it all to yourself.
This beautiful mansion was used in the last act of the movie, SCREAM, which took 3 weeks to film, and the brilliantly directed and acted scenes that were filmed here carved their way into horror infamy!

The house is owned by a private citizen and sits in a gated complex in beautiful Tomales, California, right outside Santa Rosa. Previously a wedding venue, we have worked out a deal with the homeowner to create a special weekend just for horror fans who want to experience what it's like first-hand to step into this famous horror movie!
Availability is extremely limited and parties can consist of no more than 18 people.

Visit WeekendatScene118.com for more info and booking options.

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