Trouble in Woodsboro? Lakewood? Casts of Scream & MTV Scream clash!

This little nugget of info comes from our friend RSB, who also shared the cool videos of Rose McGowan singing. Apparently, there was a little beef between two of cast members of Scream: The TV Series and Scream's Rose McGowan at Texas Frightmare Weekend.

Here's the skinny.
Fun Scream dirt. Long post ahead.

So APPARENTLY (and I say "apparently" just because I know someone will have a fit if every detail of this story isn't 100% accurate - even though it was confirmed to be accurate - someone will rage on me because that's what people do. lol) Bex Taylor-Klaus and Carlson Young (two of the chicks from MTV's Scream) wanted to do a photo op with David Arquette, Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich, and Matthew Lillard. Bex especially wanted to meet Rose and said she thought it'd be cool to have the two generations of Scream together. Matthew was up for it. Skeet was cool with it. David was down to do it. Rose absolutely 110% refused to do it. She wasn't having anything to do with it and said the show sucks and she wants no part of it. Bex didn't like this and took to Twitter to bitch. Rose wasn't having that so she took to Twitter and started a war. It seems as though some Tweets have since been deleted, but some are still there. Bex confirmed this beef with Jessy (a girl at the con I know). So... later on when all the actors were leaving, Bex and Carlson left together. Jordan and I were hanging outside the hotel. He was smoking. Bex and Carlson looked like their ride ditched them. I kinda wanted to meet them but didn't want to pay for it. So I got the opportunity to meet them. Both girls were honestly EXTREMELY friendly. Bex loves the Twin Peaks shirt I'm wearing (not as much as Matthew Lillard who will be in season three). Carlson was even friendlier. Both girls are very sweet. Bex asked Jordan what his favorite Stab movie was. She meant Scream. I couldn't believe she mixed up the two since she's on MTV's Scream. But whatever. So then Rose walks out. I have run into Rose SO MANY TIMES and each time she is loving RSB. Cool for me. So Bex and Rose started talking and Rose was saying everything got blown out of proportion about not wanting to be in a photo op with her. Bex, I think, asked her how she was enjoying the con and Rose said it was the best con she has ever done. She said normally her face hurts from fake smiling but she hasn't had to fake it this week. So Bex asked Rose if they could get a picture with her. They did. And Rose, always the clever bitch, fake smiled in their pic. I laughed and told her I loved her. She genuinely smiled at me, waved, and blew me kisses. The war between Scream and MTV's Scream is ON. I love it. lol
Everything appears to have sorted itself out, but who really knows...

All photos courtesy of RSB.
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