First MTV Scream season two review is in

For those of you who are thirsty for anything Scream: The TV Series related and can't wait for the season two premiere, then fear not.  Bloody Disgusting has the first review of season two's first episode.
Another thing the premiere gets right is that it is actually fun. The premiere toys with audience expectations, teasing half a dozen possible deaths for nearly every main character involved. Of course most of them are just fake-outs, but it shows that Scream is learning to play with its audience. Ann added benefit is that these characters have clearly grown up since last season. They are more relatable for the most part and since we spent 10 episodes getting to know them last season less time is spend on character development, helping to move the proceedings along at a quicker pace. Of course, since the body count is rising the series has incorporated new characters into the mix and it is handled a little clumsily. The character of Zoe (Kiana Ledé), specifically, is problematic because the show tries to make it look like her and Emma have been friends since childhood even though she didn’t appear once in the first season. The new sheriff (Anthony Ruivivar) and his son (Santiago Segura) fare slightly better.
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Scream: The TV Series returns May 30.
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