Gale's Books

Wrongly Accused: The Maureen Prescott Murder 1995
This gripping account of a real-life murder mystery and the ensuing trial held onto the top of the Bestseller list for nearly three weeks. Read about the tragic slaughter of Maureen Prescott and her daughter Sidney's vengeful mission to convict her mother's lover, Cotton Weary. Using the latest techniques of investigative journalism, Ms. Weathers' detailed book was a key tool in Mr. Weary's exoneration.

The Woodsboro Murders 1996
Gale Weathers' second novel details the murderous plot of two angry teenagers determined to murder Sidney Prescott and her innocent friends. In a bizarre turn of events, the author herself became not only a target of the killers, but a hero. Ms. Weathers' book became the Sunrise Studios hit movie Stab.

The Windsor College Murders 1997
Ms. Weathers is once again in the eye of a dangerous storm and emerges a hero. This time, murder follows Sidney Prescott to college, where Ms. Weathers is covering a story on the copycat murders of two students during a screening of the hit slasher film. Read how Gale singlehandedly brought the killers to justice in this exciting novel that became the hit movie Stab 2.

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