Part 5: "Exposed" (S01E05)

Last week our trio of Emma, Audrey and Noah explored the killer's lair -- the abandoned hospital -- and Jake and Will decided to blackmail the mayor (Brooke's dad) again, this time for $100,000.  This week, Emma has to deal with the aftermath of her and Will's hidden-camera sex tape going viral.  And Will and Jake put their blackmail plan into motion, but that doesn't come without its own consequences.

SCREAM -- S01E05 -- "Exposed"

The episode kicks off with a quick recap of last week's episode, "Aftermath."  Emma gets a nice little surprise in her locker.

That little sentiment obviously homages the original movie, somewhat mirroring the relationship between Sidney and her mother.  This obviously suggests that there's even more to be learned about Emma's mother Maggie (aka Daisy).

Oh, and I'm not sure why I haven't mentioned this yet, but I absolutely adore the TV series' title card --  it's an almost perfect blend of the title cards for the original trilogy (although SCREAM 4 had a pretty cool 3D one).

Okay, back to the job at hand.

After Emma's little incident at school with the picture in her locker (and ominous phone call from the killer), we see there's still an investigation going on at the killer's lair.

There's a new law in town.  Actually, the state police have just been called in to take over the case after they feel Sheriff Hudson has done a subpar job thus far.

The new head honcho (pictured above), Lorraine Brock, seems to know Hudson from their pasts.  She refers to him as "Hud," which he later asks her not to do.

Piper reveals to Emma that her father was killed and the murder was never solved.  Which is sort of what lead to Piper becoming a true crime journalist/podcaster.

During the candle light vigil for Riley, Emma receives a recorded video message of her up on the podium giving the speech she's currently giving.  The killer is in the audience.

Needless to say, she loses her concentration and can't finish.

Emma then receives a DM from the killer.  "Tell that cop about me and you'll get your mom's heart in a box!"

Emma's suspicion over everyone is beginning to mount.

While lighting candles, Emma spots someone in the Brandon James mask.  When she looks back to the spot, they're gone.

Emma obeyed the killer and didn't tell Brock about him, but she already knows from the case file.  Uh-oh.

As they're leaving the police station, Emma confronts her mom about the things she couldn't tell her to protect her.  Her mom says she's regretting that now.  Emma replies that it works both ways she she storms out.

Jake and Brooke have coffee together -- where they discuss the video of Will and Emma that has went viral.

Brooke says that she can't lie to Emma about the video any longer.  And that just so happens to coincide with Emma walking up to the two.  "Lie to me about what?" she asks.

Later, at Noah's job, he asks Audrey to download the Language Arts homework from the school.  She does, and then Noah's able to pull up her phone's camera on his laptop.

They discover that there's a nasty piece of malware that's attached to their Language Arts homework.  Noah realized that the video of Emma and Will looks like it was taken with a webcam...and he was right.

Now suspicion shifts to Mr. Branson...the Language Arts teacher.

Back at the coffee shop, Brooke tells Emma the truth.  Back in freshmen year, Nina bet Will that he couldn't sleep with Emma inside of a month.  Will took the bet.

Later, at an abandoned garage on the outskirts of town, Brooke's dad (the mayor), plans to meet up with the blackmailers (Jake and Will) for the exchange.

After he enters the garage, he gets a message telling him to get in the car.

And someone's watching.

Once in the car, he's confronted by a masked assailant in the back seat.

He hands him the money and tell him it's only $10,000.  The assailant slams his head into the steering wheel, breaking his nose.

The masked assailant shows him the video, reassuring him that he has it.  He tells him he'll need two days to get the other $80,000.  The assailant motions that he has one day.  He gets out of the car and leaves.

He's joined by the second assailant.

To no surprise, the two remove their masks revealing Will and Jake (Jake being the one who was in the car with the mayor).

Will's not too happy.  It was supposed to be "no harm, no foul," but Jake broke the mayor's nose.  Will says he's done.

Piper offers Emma a drink.  She even comments how it's against the law, but oh well.

Will shows up and tries to get cozy with Emma until she slaps him and says, "I was a bet?!"  It's a scene totally reminiscent of SHE'S ALL THAT -- Emma definitely channeled her inner Rachel Leigh Cook.

So, basically, Emma ends things with Will for good.  But hey, he had it coming.

Brooke tells her father that she just got off the phone with the hotel that her mother is supposed to be staying at and he admits to her that she's actually in rehab.

The next day at school, Brooke and Jake seem to be getting close.

Will walks up and Jake tells him to calm down and the two end up getting into a fight.  Jake tells Will that he's done trying to help him.

Later, there's a self defense class being held in the gymnasium.  During said event, Audrey basically embarrasses Will in front of everyone.

After the self defense class, Emma runs into Kieran in the hallway.  He tells her what's the point of learning self defense in a well-lit gym, but rather how do react when a knife is put to your throat in an alley.  He then throws her against the wall and moves in close.

But it's a move that ultimately works -- as they make out with Will watching in heartbreak.

Noah and Audrey sneak into Mr. Branson's classroom and snoop through his laptop.  Noah finds the malware and notices there's two other users: Tyler and Riley.  So that links Branson, Nina, Tyler and Riley to the videos.  Nina, Tyler and Riley are dead.  Is Branson killing off all who were involved?

Mr. Branson walks into the classroom just as Noah and Audrey are finishing up.  Bransons knows something's up and plays it cool.

Later, Emma is doing a little research regarding the Brandon James murders.  She gets a phone call from the killer who plays a recording of a short snippet of the conversation between her and Will earlier.  She tells him her life is not a game nor his project.  He affirms that it and she is.

Hudson reveals to Maggie that him and Lorraine used to be a thing.  That's ancient history, yada, yada, yada.

Jake drops by Brooke's house with a pepperoni and pineapple pizza.  He mentions to her that her family is like family to him, and that's why he's there.  He tells her that he doesn't know how and why, but Tyler and Nina had a video of Brooke's father doing things he should not have been doing.  And that they were blackmailing him with the video.

He goes on to tell her that after they died, Will kept the video and picked up where they left off.

However, Brooke's dad is watching this conversation via closed circuit television and notes Will's name.  Now from what we know of the mayor's video, it may have something to do with a murder.

In fact, it has a lot to do with murder.  Jake shows Brooke the video.  It clearly shows her dad removing a body from the trunk of his car.  And it's time-stamped the day after his wife was supposedly checked into rehab.

Later, Kieran teaches Emma how to shoot a gun.  He startles her at first with it (and I think the audience, too).

Which leads to sex, naturally.

All in all a solid episode, which the exception of the lack of killing.  But that's okay.  Next week promises to be a good one as well.

Stay tuned!

Next episode: S01E06 -- "Betrayed"
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