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Small Screen Scream Part 5: "Exposed" (S01E05)

Last week our trio of Emma, Audrey and Noah explored the killer's lair -- the abandoned hospital -- and Jake and Will decided to blackmail the mayor (Brooke's dad) again, this time for $100,000.  This week, Emma has to deal with the aftermath of her and Will's hidden-camera sex tape going viral.  And Will and Jake put their blackmail plan into motion, but that doesn't come without its own consequences.

SCREAM -- S01E05 -- "Exposed"

The episode kicks off with a quick recap of last week's episode, "Aftermath."  Emma gets a nice little surprise in her locker.

That little sentiment obviously homages the original movie, somewhat mirroring the relationship between Sidney and her mother.  This obviously suggests that there's even more to be learned about Emma's mother Maggie (aka Daisy).

Oh, and I'm not sure why I haven't mentioned this yet, but I absolutely adore the TV series' title card --  it's an almost perfect blend of the …

Small Screen Scream Part 4: "Aftermath" (S01E04)

Last week's episode ended on a bang with the savage murder of Riley.  With her peers heartbroken, Audrey, Emma and Noah attempt to connect the dots and lift the curtain on what's going on.

SCREAM -- S01E04 -- "Aftermath"

The episode starts with a quick flashback of last week's events and Noah storms the police station in a rage (can you blame him?).

And meanwhile, back at the bridge where Tyler's car went over, Maggie and Sheriff Hudson discuss matters.

Hudson tells Maggie that he blames himself -- that he should've been at the station and that Riley shouldn't have died.

One of the officers brings Hudson a bag with a burnt up Brandon James mask in it.  It's looking more and more like Tyler was the killer, using the old Brandon James M.O.

Brooke is taking Riley's death especially hard.  She chose to answer a booty call rather than stay with Riley -- a booty call that never even happened, either.

Noah ends up spending the night at work -- Audrey …